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Deuteronomy 34

Deuteronomy 34 finishes the life of Moses.  He was 120 years old when he died on Mount Nebo in the land of Moab.  God took him to the top of the mountain and “showed him all the land”.  Moses had led the people for a very long time to get to the Promised Land.  And God shows him: “I’ve let you see it with your eyes….but you’re not going to go in”.  Ever wonder what Moses is thinking at this point?  He has led the people obediently through some pretty rough waters.  Literally….and figuratively.  He led them out of Egypt after dealing with Pharaoh and the plagues.  He dealt with many lapses by the people in their obedience to God.  He received the 10 commandments and was a man “whom God knew face-to-face”.  There are very few in that club.  Moses was a special man.  He had a bad day during that life of 120 years and disobeyed God, and now is shut out of entry into the Promised Land.  It had to be bittersweet for him, to stand there in God’s presence feeling good about bringing the people to the boundary, overcoming all odds to safely lead them to their new home, but unable to join their joy as they enter.  It is really a powerful statement to the importance of obedience in God’s eye.  Close didn’t count.  And the punishment was pretty darn tough.

Moses is described as a man whose “eyesight is sharp…walked with a spring in his step”.  Not bad for 120 years old.  Besides being a great leader – he also prepared the transition of power to Joshua.  Scripture tells us that “Joshua son of Nun was filled with the spirit of wisdom because Moses had laid his hands on him”.  Can you imagine taking the torch from Moses – the one that scripture tells us was unique.  “No prophet has risen since…like Moses”.  That is a pretty tall order for Joshua to take on.  But the thing that is powerful here is the lesson around the power of blessing.  Joshua is ready to take on the challenge because Moses prepared him.  He passed the torch and blessed him passing his power and wisdom to the protégé.  Joshua would have struggle mightily had not Moses prepared him.  Are you preparing for transition?  In your family?  In your business?  In your life?  It is coming.  And likely before you reach 120 years old too.  So now is the time to bless your kids, your partners, your grandkids – whoever will be picking up and carrying on for you.  Legacy is a big deal and we need to prepare for it.  Moses left a powerful legacy.  He was ready.  Are you?

Deuteronomy 33

Deuteronomy 33 brings the blessing of Moses just before he passes from this earth.  He addresses each of the 12 tribes and talks to their place in history.  He begins by reviewing God’s faithfulness in the past, and then talks about their future.  A combination of remembering, and vision casting.  Personal to each group, powerful in the message he brings for their futures.  God has a plan for each tribe and a role that each will play in history.  He ends his blessing with these words: “Lucky Israel….the Shield who defends you, the Sword who brings you triumph”. We have a good who not only protects us, He also is our offensive weapon as well.  Scripture tells us that His Word is also a Sword, cutting in both ways.  We are equipped and protected by our Father.

 But the chapter begins with these words which struck me: “Moses, man of God”.  It really challenges me in the area of legacy and what people will say about my life when it is ending.  Do I live as a man of God, where God is my life and I revolve around His plans and commands?  Or am I living as the center of the universe and trying to connect with God on occasion when things get out of my control?  Being a man of God means that He alone is the center of my life.  He alone drives the bus, has the steering wheel and calls the shots.  He alone is Lord.  Unfortunately that is a very abnormal relationship as our nature tells us that we are the focal point.  But Moses got it right.  God was His compass.  God led him faithfully by day and by night.  And Moses followed obediently.  He truly demonstrated what it means to be a man of God.  The question then becomes – am I?  Are you?  Is God really the center of your life?  I hope my legacy will read like Moses did.  Oh that I can also hear the words “well done good and faithful servant”.

Deuteronomy 32

Deuteronomy 32 is winding down Moses work on earth.  He gives some very direct feedback to the people about God.  Check out what he says: “respond to the greatness of our God! The Rock: His works are perfect, and the way he works is fair and just; A God you can depend upon, no exceptions, a straight-arrow God”.  We need to wake up to the presence of God around us.  And we need to know that He is perfect, fair and just whether we think so or not, whether it “feels” like it or not.  God is going to be there – He is dependable and without exception.  He is our Rock.  Moses contrasts you and me to God this way: “His messed-up, mixed-up children, his non-children, throw mud at him but none of it sticks”.  How is that for a stark comparison?  Sort of describes me – messed-up and mixed-up.  We try and throw mud at Him – to blame Him for the problems in our lives but none of it sticks.  We can’t bring Him into our chaos.  We can’t get Him off His game.  He is perfect and complete and consistent always.  Fortunately He gives us the key to becoming a solid child.  It is a simple formula but one most of us don’t follow:  “Read up on what happened before you were born; dig into the past, understand your roots”.  How much time are you spending in His Word?  Reading and understanding His nature and character and getting the history of how He works in this world we call home. We need to do that – we need to see the past so we can understand what He will do in the future.

 God isn’t going to pamper us just because we get up and call ourselves His.  He expects us to live His way and to walk with Him every day.  When we mess up, there is a price to pay.   “From now on I’m looking the other way. Wait and see what happens to them. Oh, they’re a turned-around, upside-down generation! Who knows what they’ll do from one moment to the next”?  If we want God’s attention and blessing we need to live in obedience.  He can’t tolerate any less.  But His next comment brought a smile to my face.  The Message version really puts it clearly: “They are a nation of ninnies, they don’t know enough to come in out of the rain. If they had any sense at all, they’d know this; they would see what’s coming down the road”.   Do you think that is how God looks at us in America today – as a nation of “ninnies”?  I am afraid He does.  We don’t seem to live with a lot of common sense, and certainly are not looking at the history of God’s actions regarding people in scripture and His response to their sin.  The good news is that it is never too late to repent.  And God does give us some real hope and direction.  “Take to heart all these words to which I give witness today and urgently command your children to put them into practice, every single word….this is no small matter for you; it’s your life. In keeping this word you’ll have a good and long life”.  It all comes down to us knowing His Word and making it part of our life.  We need to live it and teach it to our children…..every single word of it.  It is not some little thing – it is a big deal and we need to get focused on knowing God and His Word.  It is our life.  And it is the secret to living long and well.  Are you in God’s Word?  Do you make it your business every day?

Deuteronomy 31

Deuteronomy 31 takes us to the transition of power from Moses to Joshua.  Moses is 120 years old now, and has led the people for many years but God tells him that his time is up.  It is time to pass the torch to Joshua who will lead the people into the Promised Land.  Check out the promise that God gives them: “Be strong. Take courage. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t give them a second thought because GOD, your God, is striding ahead of you. He’s right there with you. He won’t let you down; he won’t leave you.”  I love how God takes responsibility to handle things here.  It is not about the might and power of the people, it is about God and His power.  He alone will deal with the challenges that lie ahead.  And He promises that they can depend on Him as well.  He is striding ahead and has it all under control.  It is important to note that God knows they have a very short attention span.  He tells Moses to record all these words so they can be read “every seven years” as a reminder of His goodness: “read out this Revelation to all Israel, with everyone listening”.  Another one of those “remember” directives God gives us continually throughout scripture.  We have to look back and know all that He has done in the past to gain the assurance of what He will do in the future.  He is very clear this needs to be done for everyone, not just the kids growing up, but all people because we all have short memories.

 But God goes on to also describe how He desires us to live in regard to Him.  I love how it describes what our relationship should look like.  We are to “listen and learn to live in holy awe before God”.  We need to know our God and put Him in His rightful place.  He is not just another god, or one that we call on when we are in a bind.  He is God, our God and we need to put Him in the place He belongs in our lives.  He is the everlasting and eternal God who created it all and controls it all today.  We need to live in awe of Him.  He knows our nature and warns us of our tendency.  Even though He has delivered His people to this land flowing with milk and honey – “they eat and become full and get fat and then begin fooling around with other gods and worshiping them” – we will struggle to stay focused and faithful in our relationship with Him.  When we are experiencing His blessing, we tend to go on autopilot and ignore Him.  We can’t let that happen.  We must stay tuned in to Him constantly.  Remembering is the key to that.  Are you living in awe?  If not, remember……

Deuteronomy 30

Deuteronomy 30 is a chapter where we learn how to stay connected to God.  He begins by telling us what to do if we get separated from Him.  In a simple word, we need to come back.  He will be there with open arms.  I love what scripture says: “No matter how far away you end up, God….will get you out of there and bring you back”.  He loves us and never forgets us and will always welcome us back if we only repent and return.  We don’t have to be perfect and have it all together – we just need to come back.  Have you slipped away from God a bit?  I get a lot of emails from people who do – they drift away from their relationship with God and turn to thigns of the world and find very soon just how empty and lonely that leaves them.  God wants a deep relationship with us.  He wants to bless us indeed.  He is waiting for us to return with open arms.

But there is a catch.  The blessings continue to flow if we really focus on the relationship.  Check out what He says: “But only if you listen obediently to God….and keep the commandments and regulations”.  We are blessed when we obey.  It is consistent and constant in His Word.  We have to do it.  But it goes further here to tell us “nothing halfhearted here; you must return to God…totally, heart and soul, holding nothing back”.  Our relationship with God has to be all in.  It has to be 100% – no partial stuff.  He expects all of us all the time.  The message version puts it the way Nike does and in verse 14 says “Just do it!”.  That is to be our attitude – we need to just obey Him.  There really isn’t any deliberation we need to have.  We don’t really need to ponder whether we should obey.  It is clear that is the expectation and we need to just do it.  All day every day.  And if we do – if we “keep his commandments, regulations and rules” – then scripture tells us we will “really live, live exuberantly, blessed by God”.  Want to have a full life – be obedient to God and His commands.  Want to experience all you can each day – be obedient.  Jesus told us that He came that we may have life, and live it fully.  We can folks.  We can experience life so full that we won’t really know how to handle it all but for God’s grace.  But it all starts with our heart and our willingness to walk in obedience.  Are you living that way?  Are you walking in obedience to Him?

Deuteronomy 29

Deuteronomy 29 gets us ever closer to crossing over to the Promised Land.  Moses is talking Covenant here and begins with a history reminder.  There were several things that showed that God had been faithful on their 40 year journey through the wilderness:

  1. Clothes did not wear out
  2. Sandals did not wear out
  3. Lived well without bread and wine and beer
  4. Enemy…. primed for war but we beat them

God was faithful. He kept His part of the deal.  He was God and set the standard for their relationship.  Bottom line – God expects them to remember how He brought them to this place and they need to “diligently keep the words of this Covenant”.  So it all boils down to obedience once again.  This has been a very consistent requirement then, and it still is today.  We need to walk with God in obedience.

 But there is a warning that we need to keep in mind here: “Don’t let down your guard lest even now, today, someone….gets sidetracked from God…..thinking I’ll live the way I please, thank you”.  We really need to heed this warning.  We cannot afford to let our guard down.  That is how the enemy creeps into our lives, when we are not looking, or we think we are exempt from the attack of the enemy in certain areas of our lives.  We need to stay vigilant in our efforts to resist temptation.  If we are not always on guard, the odds of our failing in the area of obedience will increase significantly.  We cannot deal with sin alone.  We will fall and get sidetracked in our obedience.  We need to stay on guard, even in areas we think we are strong.  It is often there that we get blindsided with an attack and fall.  It is not often that affairs happen because people determine they want to cheat on their spouse.  They just aren’t careful to guard their heart and before they know it, sin happens.  People seldom really set out to sin, they just are not focused on standing firm and keeping the enemy away.  The enemy is very good at setting us up to fall.  And if we aren’t careful, we will buy into the attitude that it is all about me and I can do what I want.  That is not true.  God has expectations and requirements for our lives.  It is not about me, it is not ok to do whatever we want.  We have to watch out lest we fall flat on our face.  Are you guarding your heart?  In every area?  Watch out because the enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy!

Deuteronomy 28

Deuteronomy 28 gives us a perfect look into what happens when we obey God’s commands: “If you listen obediently to the Voice of GOD…. heartily obey all his commandments that I command you today, GOD, your God, will place you on high, high above all the nations of the world. All these blessings will come down on you and spread out beyond you because you have responded”.  Definitely one of those if-then moments in scripture.  We listen and obey – we receive God’s blessing.  But what does that really look like.  Well there is a very extensive list.  Check these out:


–          “GOD’s blessing inside the city

–          GOD’s blessing in the country

–          GOD’s blessing on your children

–          the crops of your land

–          the young of your livestock

–          the calves of your herds

–          the lambs of your flocks

–          GOD’s blessing on your basket and bread bowl

–          GOD’s blessing in your coming in

–          GOD’s blessing in your going out

–          GOD will defeat your enemies who attack you

–          GOD will order a blessing on your barns and workplaces

–          he’ll bless you in the land that GOD, your God, is giving you

–          GOD will form you as a people holy to him

–          GOD will lavish you with good things: children from your womb, offspring from your animals, and crops from your land, the land that GOD promised your ancestors that he would give you

–          GOD will throw open the doors of his sky vaults and pour rain on your land on schedule and bless the work you take in hand

But there is an equally long list of things that occur if God’s direction is not obeyed.  In fact, we are told “don’t swerve an inch to the right or the left”.  It is a very long list, much longer than the list above of the good things that God is going to do for the blessed.  But this chilling verse really tells us why we need to walk in obedience: “You will live in constant jeopardy, terrified of every shadow, never knowing what you’ll meet around the next corner”.   Disobedience causes all kinds of problems.  Real problems.  It makes life unbearable, and worse yet, it separates us from God.  Eternally.  Disobedience is a real issue that we need to seriously confront.  We need to repent from evil and get right with God.  This chapter tells us the price here on earth.  The real cost is where we spend eternity.  Are you walking obediently?

Deuteronomy 27

Deuteronomy 27 is a list of things that were given to guide the people in how to live in their new land. The Levites go through a series of things that were not acceptable. In each case, they had “all respond…yes….absolutely” to the commands given. People had to make a verbal acknowledgement of how they were to live. The commands are pretty clear and direct. It starts with “demeaning a parent”. Obvious how God feels about the structure of the family and the need for us to “honor your father and mother”. He did make that pretty clear in a few other places too. There is a very specific design for the family. No wonder we have some of the issues we do today based on how we treat the family today. Kids rebel, fathers leave, mothers don’t submit, grandparents vanish… much of what happens today is certainly not honoring but is demeaning. God isn’t into that.

The chapter contains many directives around how to live with neighbors and families and much of it focuses on sex. Problem then….problem today. We have to understand just how precious sex is in God’s mind. He created it specifically for a purpose and for most of the time the human race has struggled to keep it the way God intended. God doesn’t just look the other way. This chapter tells us it matters to Him how we live. And the final directive tells us we need to take His Words seriously and live them. The Bible is not just a book. It is the book of life and tells us how to live. God’s expectation is we know it and live it. All of it, not just what we pick and choose. All of it, every day, all day. It isn’t some optional thing we can choose which parts we want to follow. It is the whole picture of God’s plan. Are you living it?

Deuteronomy 26

Deuteronomy 26 tells us how God wanted the people to enter the land He promised them. And it was to happen immediately upon entrance: “Once you enter….take some….firstfruits…..worship him”. The first thing that God expected when they entered the promised land was to have them worship Him. Is that what you do when good things happen? Do you first worship Him? Do you first honor Him? Is He the one that gets your first response? Or do you just take the blessing and forget where it came from? God watns us to remember. He tells us “you will recite….say this” when we are in His presence. God wants us to let Him know that we realize He is the provider of our blessing. We need to recognize that “he brought us….gave us this land”. God is the source folks. He gives us every good and perfect gift, just like He gave this land to the people of Israel.

But along with worshipping Him, we are reminded again to do something: “What you commanded, I’ve done. I haven’t detoured around your commands, I haven’t forgotten a single one”. God is looking for complete and total obedience. No detours, no forgetting, just plain old fashioned do what He tells us to do. That is obedience. He goes on to clarify it even more: “do what he tells you in the rules, regulations, and commandments; and listen obediently to him”. It is very clear what He expects. Remember that this is to be done right after entering the land they have been waiting for 40 years to occupy. The first response probably won’t be to worship, and the second likely not obedience. But that is what God tells them to do. Human nature would probably cause me to run and check out the new place – to hurry along and find out what would all be involved. But we can’t lose sight of what God desires – our worship and obedience. The “me” part – comes after. God is to be the center. He is the source and deserves our focus. Are you putting Him where He belongs – in the center of your worship and obedience?

Deuteronomy 25

Deuteronomy 25 talks about how people should handle legal disputes.  There is guidance for responsibility in the family to carry on for a brother who dies.  God always has a deep feeling for the family.  It is core to His design for our world, and sometimes we miss just how important it is to Him.  He often speaks of the responsibilities we have for one another in the family – and how we need to be involved in helping keep the family name alive and prospering.  There is an old song that goes “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”.  Sort of how I think God wants us to feel toward our kin.  It is a blessing to have family.  Sometimes we struggle with it, as it seems we tend to expect more from those who are related to us.  But God designed the world with the family as the central unit for survival and success.  We need to consider if we are doing what we should with our family.  As the saying goes “you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives”.  God gives us what we need for family. It is up to us to learn to get along and grow together.

 This chapter also brings out the concept of being “true and honest” with our business dealings.  Ever wrestle with that.  Think of charging a bit more or paying a bit less than is really due.  Do you handle your time honestly?  Do you take things from your boss, or from your customers, that really is not your own.  It seems that many feel that work is a place they can bend or completely ignore what is right.  After all, they deserve this or that and the boss is the enemy.  Or companies feel they can take advantage of customers because they won’t know any different, or they are such a pain in the you know what.  God is clear that we are to avoid “all this corruption in business deals”.  We are to handle our affairs God’s way – fairly and honestly – and realize that He is paying attention and watches our every move.  The other consideration is that our testimony is really tied closely to the way we do business, either as the provider or customer.  The way we act, the way business happens, reflects the impact Jesus is and has had on us.  If we want to shine for Him, we can’t mess around with this area where people see our actions much more loudly than our words.  Are you doing business the way God intends – true and honest – or do you need to make some changes?  He knows.  Time to get it right!

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