About Arlin Sorensen

I am just a simple Iowa farmboy that is blessed to lead some companies in the IT industry.  I am passionate about serving our Lord and Savior and helping others find their purpose in life.  Life is all about choices, and we need to be sure we make choices that matter.  We only get one chance to live well.  I am focused on helping people identify the things that are important and working to serve them in keeping their eye on those things.  It starts by looking in the mirror at how I use my 168 hours every week.  Quotes I pull from scripture are bolded and italicized.  I often use the English Standard version of the Bible, but occasionally use other translations. I also use work from Biblical scholars to shape my writing, particularly David Guzik, Charles Spurgeon and others.  I am definitely not a Bible scholar, just a regular guy trying to walk with God.   Together, let’s look for the truth!

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  1. I am so very sorry I never got the time to meet you in person at SMB Nation. I have heard from multiple people that you are a wealth of information as well as a fine Christian. I know I try to find other Christian men and partner with them, but I feel they are a rare breed in our society.
    I was very expressed by some of the people I met, discussing strategies with, and listened to their presentations at the conference in Redmond. This was my first year attending the conference and I am very glad I spent the time and money.
    I feel extremely blessed to own my own company, but I feel a heavy attack of my spirit from Satan (and I know he is real). Please pray for me in dealing with this.
    I am a member of the MS-HTG8 Peergroup and I am learning a lot. I am struggling with some of the ideas and how to implement them since business administration is not my forte. I have multiple resources at my disposal (like Robin Robins, HTG, etc), but have not finalized all the pieces parts to the managed services package.
    I have a friend in the IT industry locally that says I work way too hard and too long. I am trying to work smarter instead of harder so God’s business will grow and be able to bless more people internally (within my company by bringing onboard more staff) as well as our clients.
    I stumbled onto your site after reading Stuart Crawford’s book which directed me to his web sites and blog, thus coming to your Thoughts of Scripture blog. God bless you and your family during this holiday season.
    Kind Regards,


  2. Posted by Cody Stromberg on July 26, 2008 at 3:40 am

    This is a good thing you are doing. You should continue. Ebed Melech is “servant king” a form of Christ delivering a prophet from despair. I have been reading Jeremiah since 2000. Back then it was “if my people will humble themselves and pray…” then after 911 it went slowly into “You won’t win this war against Babylon..” then last year to “don’t fast and pray anymore for this nation, they go to the sword, famine, pestilence…” I get ch 34 a lot now, I just don’t know what it means, who are the slaves? Set the captives free, Loose the bonds of wickedness… I guess we have failed to do the work we were called to do. So now we see war escalate, food prices soar, and pestilence…the bird flu comes? I am sad for the judgement raging on the land. There will be no revival, no turning. But later, after the one world goverment is implemented and our freedoms are gone, we will hang our harps by the rivers of Babylon and weep….


  3. Posted by mark on June 2, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    Take assurance my brother. God delivers us from evil. He heals and reapirs. He feeds the hungry and relevies a weary heart. All things are possible through christ our saviour. Christ came to teach us a new way
    The jews of palastine belived he had come to overthough the roman emprire but had had come to show us a new enlightened way through him. Always remember it is a spiritual battle not a physical one.
    Satan is the great deciever and will use any means imanginable to put fear and despair in your heart. Remmber that our lord tells us the battle is won. Satan is on his last legs before jesus returns and he is desparate.
    Don’t worry about guessing the end of days or attempting to interprate todays events to prohpisy.
    The let said you will not know the day or the minute. His plan for us all is not to live in fear. Fear comes from satan.
    And remmeber when we pray for each other god answers.


  4. […] of clinging our hears to false teachers we do better to take Gods Words to our heart. As Arlin Sorensen says: “God has spoken to us clearly through His Word – the Bible is His first communication […]


  5. Arlin: I think we’re pretty like-minded folks. What technology industry are you in?


    • Posted by asorensen on February 10, 2012 at 6:22 am

      I am a technology solution provider – sell IT products and services to small businesses as well as lead IT peer groups worldwide.


  6. I have always wanted to read the Bible chronologically, but have never made it through. I am so busy in Deuteronomy right now, I can’t join your group. If you do it agina next year, I might be able to.


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