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Romans 3:22-25

In Romans 3:22-25 Paul continues to explain grace and how salvation comes to us. There is no other way to obtain God’s righteousness except through faith in Christ Jesus. This righteousness is not earned through obedience to the law; it is a received righteousness, gained through faith in Jesus Christ. No exceptions, no other road to get there – we have one universal cure… The blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ will save every man who trusts him, for there is no difference, it is Jesus and Him alone. “For there is no distinction: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God… Paul makes clear again we are all sinners.

But Paul’s universal statement making clear we are all sinners is answered by a universal offer to be justified freely by His grace. It is open to everyone who will believe. Sin causes us to fall short – we cannot make it on our own. Guzik calls out four ways we fail to meet God’s requirement:

  • We fail to give God the glory due Him, in our words, thoughts and actions.
  • We fail to qualify for, and thereby reject the glory and reward that God gives faithful servants.
  • We fail to properly reflect God’s glory by refusing to be conformed into His image.
  • We fail to obtain the final glory God will bestow on His people at the end of all history.

Just to be sure we don’t miss it…. all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…key word is ALL here.  There just aren’t any exceptions. We come up short compared to God’s standards. This universal statement is answered by a universal offer to be justified freely by His grace. It is open to everyone who will believe.

So God provided a solution to the universal sin problem that hangs over all mankind. Paul develops his teaching about salvation from sin around three themes:

  • Justification is an image from the court of law
  • Redemption is an image from the slave market
  • Propitiation is an image from the world of religion, appeasing God through sacrifice

Justification solves the problem of man’s guilt before a righteous Judge. Redemption solves the problem of man’s slavery to sin, the world, and the devil. Propitiation solves the problem of offending our Creator. All this happens through the acceptance of God’s grace.

Paul tells us the one and only solution to the sin problem we have – GRACE. …and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith.” The righteousness of God is not ours by faith; it is ours through faith. It is plainly and simply a gift. We do not earn righteousness by our faith. We receive righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ. Faith is not a merit, a way of earning salvation. It is no more than the means through which the gift is given freely by our loving God.

Being in such a sinful state, the only way we can be justified is to be justified freely. We can’t purchase it with our good works or anything else we might try to do. If it isn’t made free to us, we can’t have it all. So we are justified freely by His grace – His unmerited favor, given to us without regard to what we deserve. It is a giving motivated purely by the giver, and motivated by nothing in the one who receives. An acrostic for grace is:

G – God’s

R – riches

A – at

C – Christ’s

E – expense

Grace is free to you and me, but God and Jesus paid and unbelievable price for it.

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