Proverbs 7:1-5

In Proverbs 7:1-5 Solomon continues to exhort his son to walk in obedience. “My son, keep my words and treasure up my commandments with you; keep my commandments and live; keep my teaching as the apple of your eye; bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart”.  His words begin with an emphasis on keeping and understanding God’s word and a father’s wisdom. The implication is not that Bible reading provides a magical protection against sexual immorality. But if a person does keep God’s written commands, they will not carry out this sin – and the keeping of the commands begins with knowing them, treasuring them, meditating on them.  God’s Word needs to be in our heart to avoid sin!

Solomon counseled his son to have a living, breathing relationship with the word of God. They should not be only on our mind but also in our heart. Head knowledge won’t cut it.  We have to make sure it is front and center of how we think.  Solomon counsels his son to find strength against the seductions of evil, by cultivating defensive focus on God’s truth and wisdom. “Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” and call insight your intimate friend, to keep you from the forbidden woman, from the adulteress with her smooth words”. He should love the Word as his sister and nearest kin.

The wisdom and power of God’s word helps to keep us from sexual immorality. From God’s word we learn the deception and strategy of sin and temptation. We learn the ways of the enemy and how the world will try and pull us away from the truth. We learn the end result of sin and the wonderful benefits of obedience. God’s word imparts the spiritual light and strength we need to obey Him in this difficult area.  Without the instruction of God’s Word and the wisdom of our parents, we’re left with the negative influence of the world around us.  The people around us can cause us to drift away from God’s ways and soon wind up in the ditch.

Guzik writes: The task of keeping men and women from sexual immorality sometimes seems impossible. This is due to many factors, including:

  • A secular, sexually saturated and permissive culture.
  • The widespread availability of pornography.
  • The disconnection of sex from pregnancy and reproduction.
  • Laws making divorce easy and impossible to contest.
  • Social media technology making anonymous meetings easier.
  • Widespread prosperity that lessens the financial impact of family breakups.
  • The large and growing gap between the time of puberty and the average time people get married.

These factors are not all unique to the present day; Christianity was founded in a very sexually permissive culture. Yet they highlight the great need for Christian men and women to rely on the power and wisdom of God’s word to remain pure. It also means that such purity, even in the sense of re dedication to purity, is a great sacrifice and gift to the honor and glory of God”.

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