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Proverbs 5:12-17

In Proverbs 5:12-17 Solomon continues his teaching about sexual immorality.  He reminds us that no one truly enjoys discipline or correction.  It’s just not something that you sign up for.  He wrote “and you say, “How I hated discipline, and my heart despised reproof”! One great price of sexual immorality is regret. When we see how empty the promises of sin are and how great the price for those sins is, deep sorrow and regret is a logical response. Many men and women, who have fallen into the snare of sexual immorality, have wondered: “How did I ever end up here? How could I be so foolish? How could I give up so much for what amounted to so little?”

The answer to those questions is that people make a bad choice.  Sexual sin does not happen to us.  We choose it.  We always choose to sin.  The devil doesn’t make us do it.  No one, besides ourself, makes it happen.  Solomon tells us another reason we fall to sin. “I did not listen to the voice of my teachers or incline my ear to my instructors. I am at the brink of utter ruin in the assembled congregation”. What the adulterer thought would remain secret was exposed. He entered his sin thinking, no one will ever find out. When it was exposed in the midst of the assembly his foolishness, betrayal, and lack of self-control were all public.  Sin always cost more than we intend to pay.

Solomon gives the answer to our sexual desires – it is our own wife.  “Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well. Should your springs be scattered abroad, streams of water in the streets? Let them be for yourself alone, and not for strangers with you”. Solomon reminded his son that God had provided his wife for his sexual needs. Instead of neglecting what God had given, he should renew his gratitude and focus upon what God has blessed. God’s provision for sexual need is found in the marital bed, which is pure before Him. It is like a pure, fresh spring (flowing water). Though some are dissatisfied with what God provides in marriage, that dissatisfaction is more a reflection on them than their spouse.

Guzik wrote: Ancient or modern, an over-sexualized culture promotes the idea that sexual satisfaction is a mainly a physical sensation. While only a fool would deny the physical enjoyments of sex, a more mature mind sees that intimacy – the open, unhindered revelation, reception, and sharing of one’s self with another – is also a great reward in a sexual relationship. When sex is reserved for the Biblical boundaries of marriage over the years and decades it says:

  • I am here for you, and you are here for me.
  • I am my beloved’s and he is mine.
  • I know you more than anyone else and yet I love you.
  • You know me more than anyone else and yet you love me.
  • Our children and home life are protected and safe.
  • We are not slaves to our sexual desires; we live by principles greater than our sexual impulses.
  • We will remain together and supportive of each other as we grow old.
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