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3 John 1-6

In 3 John 1-6 the elder writes to Gaius, a man whom John deeply loved.  He begins the letter with a blessing and prayer – that Gaius will prosper and be healthy.  John is praying for things to go well with this obviously deep friend.  John here makes an analogy between the condition of our health and the condition of our soul. Many of us would be desperately ill if our physical health was instantly in the same state as their spiritual health. Think about that. “From: John, the Elder. To: Dear Gaius, whom I truly love. Dear friend, I am praying that all is well with you and that your body is as healthy as I know your soul is.”

As a spiritual leader, nothing pleased John more than to know that his children walked in truth. John knew that Gaius walked in truth because his brothers in Christ came and testified that Gaius was living according to God’s truth. His walk of truth was noticed by others, and they could talk about it because they saw it. It was lived transparently for all to see. “Some of the brothers traveling by have made me very happy by telling me that your life stays clean and true and that you are living by the standards of the Gospel. I could have no greater joy than to hear such things about my children.” And the result of a life well lived is to bring joy to all who see it.

To walk in truth means to walk in a way that is real and genuine, without any phoniness or concealment. Gaius does that.  But he also sets a good example by the way he cares for others. John praised Gaius for his hospitality. This may seem somewhat trivial to us, but it is not to God. This is practically living out the essential command to love one another; it is love in action. “Dear friend, you are doing a good work for God in taking care of the traveling teachers and missionaries who are passing through.” John knew that when Christians assist those who contend for the truth, they become fellow workers for the truth.  It makes us part of the work of the ministry.

They have told the church here of your friendship and your loving deeds. I am glad when you send them on their way with a generous gift.” As Christ Followers, we must be part of doing something to help the spread of the gospel. Then we must do it in a manner worthy of God. God calls every one of us to have a part in the great commission.  It isn’t optional.  Gaius is doing that, not only by caring for the teachers and missionaries that passed through, but also by supporting them with money when they moved on to the next place.  Love is an action word, and Gaius demonstrates that clearly for all of us to see!

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