2 John 1-4

In 2 John 1-4 the elder, likely now about 90 or so, writes a letter to a woman and her children who were important members of a local church. “From: John, the old Elder of the church.” The letter is likely targeting the entire church body rather than this one particular family which is how it appears here in the Living Bible version.  “To: That dear woman Cyria, one of God’s very own, and to her children whom I love so much, as does everyone else in the church.” The reality is that John was writing more broadly than just to Cyria and her kids.  He was admonishing the local Body.

This church had truth embedded into their hearts.  “Since the Truth is in our hearts forever, God the Father and Jesus Christ his Son will bless us with great mercy and much peace, and with truth and love.” If we know and love the truth, we will love those who also know and love the truth – the truth which abides in us also lives in others who know the truth.  Truth binds us together, and the love of Christ in us seals that bond.  John is quite focused on the idea of truth, as he was in all of his writings. He used the word truth some thirty-seven times in his New Testament writings.  This is a very important topic to us as Christ Followers to get our arms around.

Why does truth matter?  Because the truth does not change. The truth will be true forever, and we will have the truth forever in eternity. Many people today think that the truth changes from age to age and from generation to generation, but the Bible knows that the truth will be with us forever.  They want to base truth on their feelings or emotions or what seems fair.  That’s now truth in God’s world.  Truth is constant and unchanging.  It never moves.  And with truth comes great mercy (us not getting what we deserve) and much peace (God’s peace – that passes all understanding and goes far beyond what we can see or understand).

How happy I am to find some of your children here and to see that they are living as they should, following the Truth, obeying God’s command.”  John is full of joy to find the believers walking in the truth.  Obedience is one of the marks of a true disciple and warmed his heart to see that in the church.  Truth is not only important for its own sake, but also our walking in truth shows we are walking with the Lord.  John is referring to a straight and steady walk of obedience, not veering right or left, but staying the course and walking confidently with Jesus.  That brings joy to any shepherd of any flock!

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