1 John 3:3-6

In 1 John 3:3-6 he reminds us that we know our eternal destiny, and should live in the hope that will purify our lives. When we know our end is to be more like Jesus, it should make us want to be more like Jesus right now.  It should have a purifying effect on us right now.  We should be focused on serving and pleasing Him now as Christ Followers. “And everyone who really believes this will try to stay pure because Christ is pure.” Jesus set the example of how we should live.  Our hope is not ultimately in heaven, our hope is in Christ and Him alone.  We should never set our hope on a relationship, on success, on any mutual fund, on our health, on our stuff, or simply on our self. Our only real hope is in Him.

Yet we are human and struggle with this thing called sin. “But those who keep on sinning are against God, for every sin is done against the will of God.” As a Christ Follower, we should end our sins and walk in God’s will.  John defines sin as disregard for the law of God which ultimately means we have a disregard for the Maker of the Law Himself – God the Father.  We often fail the battle against sin because we are unwilling to call it what it is – a lawlessness or offense against God.  We water down how we view sin and make excuses as to why it really isn’t all that bad.  To change the tide of sin, we have to begin by admitting exactly what it is – intentional disobedience of God’s will, ways and law.

Remember that Jesus came to ‘take away the sin of the world’.  That was core to His mission.  “And you know that he became a man so that he could take away our sins, and that there is no sin in him, no missing of God’s will at any time in any way.” Guzik described how Jesus does that in three ways:

  1. Jesus takes away our sin in the sense of taking the penaltyof our sin. This is immediately accomplished when one comes by faith to Jesus.
  2. Jesus takes away our sin in the sense of taking the powerof sin away. This is an ongoing work in the lives of those who walk after Jesus.

iii. Jesus takes away our sin in the sense of taking the presence of sin away. This is a work that will be completed when we pass into eternity and are glorified with Jesus.

He came to earth as a human to take away our sin.  That is the core to why He came, but it requires us to respond to His efforts.  We can’t take away the penalty for sin as only His shed blood can do that.

On our own, we’ll never be able to deal with the power of sin in our life.  Only His work in us through the power of the Holy Spirit can give us the ability to stand against sin and resist temptation.  Sin will always be present in the world around us.  We’ll have to deal with it until our time on earth is over. But we can have victory over sin.  John tells us how: “So if we stay close to him, obedient to him, we won’t be sinning either.”  Jesus had no sin to take away; therefore, He could take away our sin, taking it upon Himself. If we learn to abide in Him and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us, we won’t sin either.  To abide in Jesus means we can overcome our desire and choices that lead us to sin.  Are you victorious in overcoming sin?  Is Jesus truly leading?

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