John 9:34-41

In John 9:34-41, the religious leaders continue to pester the man who had been blind from faith about the healing experience he had with Jesus. “They said, “You’re nothing but dirt! How dare you take that tone with us!” Then they threw him out in the street”. He has challenged the religious leaders and told them that their unwillingness to accept the facts is more of a miracle than Jesus’ healing of his eyes. The excommunication of the blind man turned out to be a good thing, because it prevented him from trying to live in two conflicting worlds. Being “put out” of our old group is undeniably painful, but it is usually spiritually helpful.  The people we associate with can prevent us from truly experiencing Jesus.

Jesus heard that they had thrown him out, and went and found him. He asked him, Do you believe in the Son of Man?”  Jesus didn’t just heal the man and run.  He was there to stand with him and take him all the way to eternal life. Jesus asks him the critical question – do you believe.  That is the same question we must come to terms with today for our own future with eternity.  Salvation isn’t complicated or difficult – it is merely believing Jesus for who He is.  That’s what the religious leaders refused to do.  But the blind man wanted to have belief. “The man said, Point him out to me, sir, so that I can believe in him.”

It’s not hard to find Jesus.  He meets us where we are. “Jesus said, You’re looking right at him. Don’t you recognize my voice?” If we look and listen, if we seek Him we will find Him.  At that point we can make the decision ot believe, just like this man did. “Master, I believe, the man said, and worshiped him”. It’s really that simple. Know we need a Savior, confess our sins, repent, and receive His sacrifice on the Cross. “Jesus then said, I came into the world to bring everything into the clear light of day, making all the distinctions clear, so that those who have never seen will see, and those who have made a great pretense of seeing will be exposed as blind.”

Jesus tells the blind man who now sees that it was His purpose to come and make people see.  But “Some Pharisees overheard him and said, Does that mean you’re calling us blind?” The leaders haven’t given up in trying to find a way to get rid of Jesus.  They are confronting Him in every way they can think of.  “Jesus said, If you were really blind, you would be blameless, but since you claim to see everything so well, you’re accountable for every fault and failure.”  So the short answer was that they were worse than blind.  They knew exactly what they were doing and would pay a price for it someday.  We’ll all stand before God on judgment day and give an account.  These guys, even though they were respected leaders in their day, will come up short.  But the reality is that all of us will be in the same boat.  We have no hope outside of Jesus.  Are you ready to believe?  Today can be the day of your salvation!

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