John 6:26-29

John 6:26-29 has Jesus coming off of His walk on the water to get to the boat where His disciples are struggling to get to the other side.  The crowd has pursued Him because of His miracles.  Now He addresses them directly.  “Jesus answered, You’ve come looking for me not because you saw God in my actions but because I fed you, filled your stomachs—and for free. Don’t waste your energy striving for perishable food like that. Work for the food that sticks with you, food that nourishes your lasting life, food the Son of Man provides”.

Jesus makes it clear that people were pursuing Him for the wrong reasons. Instead of telling them when and why He came, Jesus told them why they came – because they wanted more food miraculously provided by Jesus. They were focused on physical needs – food and healing – when they need to be focused on eternal concerns. Those asking this question of Jesus went to a lot of trouble to follow and find Him. Jesus made a contrast between material things and spiritual things. It is almost universally true that people are more attracted to material things than spiritual things, although the long term outcome between the two is very different.

The crowd was impressed at the miracle of bread worked through Jesus; but He wanted them to be more impressed for the spiritual food He brings by a miracle. “He and what he does are guaranteed by God the Father to last”. They should have confidence in Jesus because God the Father has “guaranteed” Him.  The eternal life that Jesus offers is not a hope or dream, it is going to happen.  God ordained it.  God planned it.  God will deliver it.  Jesus is the instrument He chose to send that can take away the sin of the world, which ultimately comes down to you and me.  Jesus is a personal guarantee for us if we receive the gift of grace God offers and have a personal relationship with His Son.

To that they said, Well, what do we do then to get in on God’s works?”  Jesus said, Throw your lot in with the One that God has sent. That kind of a commitment gets you in on God’s works”. The crowd is trying to figure out what to do to earn their eternal life.  Jesus makes it clear that there is only one way – God’s way. Jesus first and foremost commanded them (and us) not to do, but to trust. If we want to do the work of God, it begins with trusting Jesus.  The hope is that obedience grows out of that relationship of trust and love. God wants the same pattern in our relationship with Him.  Salvation begins with belief, moves to relationship and then becomes obedience.  Faith is the foundation for our works.  That’s how we truly please God.

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