John 2:18-25

In John 2:18-25 the Jews are upset with what Jesus has done.  He has literally come into their turf and upset the applecart.  It isn’t a bad question.  Jesus had come and driven out the merchants from the temple courts, so He obviously claimed the authority to do it. The Jews wanted to know if Jesus really had this authority. The problem is that they demanded credentials or a sign from Jesus to prove it. “But the Jews were upset. They asked, “What credentials can you present to justify this”? This was completely upsetting the economy associated with the temple.  That wasn’t God’s plan for it, but what the Jewish leaders had turned it into.

Jesus gives them a very short and confusing response, at least to the Jewish leadership.  “Jesus answered, Tear down this Temple and in three days I’ll put it back together”.  Jesus speaks in a language they don’t understand.  But He knew that these religious leaders would attempt to destroy His body, but He also knew that they would not succeed.  He would raise Himself from the dead and fulfill God’s Word.  Of course, the Jews miss it completely. But He planted the seed that the disciples would remember in the future.  “They were indignant: “It took forty-six years to build this Temple, and you’re going to rebuild it in three days?” But Jesus was talking about his body as the Temple. Later, after he was raised from the dead, his disciples remembered he had said this. They then put two and two together and believed both what was written in Scripture and what Jesus had said”.

Jesus is in Jerusalem and did some signs and wonders which caused people to be drawn to Him.  “During the time he was in Jerusalem, those days of the Passover Feast, many people noticed the signs he was displaying and, seeing they pointed straight to God, entrusted their lives to him”.  But they were chasing what He did, not who He was.  Faith in Christ is not about what He can do for us, although that is unlimited and without boundaries.  Faith in Christ is about who He is.  The people in Jerusalem missed that relationship.  They were focused on what He did.

So Jesus didn’t commit Himself to them.  It was a superficial faith on their part.  “But Jesus didn’t entrust his life to them. He knew them inside and out, knew how untrustworthy they were. He didn’t need any help in seeing right through them”.  Morgan wrote “If belief is nothing more than admiration for the spectacular, it will create in multitudes applause; but the Son of God cannot commit Himself to that kind of faith”. Faith in Christ is based on one thing – a personal relationship with the Savior and Lord.  It isn’t about what He does.  It is completely about who He is and who we can become when we are deeply committed to walking with Him.  Have you given your all to the Master?

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