Micah 2

Micah 2 has the prophet continuing to call out those who are guilty of sin.  “Woe to those who devise wickedness and work evil on their beds! When the morning dawns, they perform it, because it is in the power of their hand”.  Micah is direct with those who are taking advantage of others because of their power and planning.  This evil didn’t just happen – it was premeditated and intentional.  And it was possible because of the power that these folks had.  They were able to take things away because of their power and position.  With that, God also expects accountability and obedience.

Sin is sin in every way.  But there are different kinds of sin that we commit.  Some sin is done with intention – a sin of commission, while others may be done because we fail to do something we are commanded or expected – a sin of omission.  They are equal in God’s eyes when it comes to judgment as we are falling short of the mark.  Another way to consider sin is that it may fall into one of four types (not different in it’s outcome, but helpful in us realizing just how broad sin really is – anytime we miss the mark of God’s expectation and commands we sin – and every sin carries a cost before God)

One way to look at types of sin is this:

  1. Sins of attitude – scripture calls out pride, envy, anger, malice and others
  2. Sins of action – things we do that violate God’s commands and laws
  3. Sins of neglect – failure to do things we know God has commanded us to do
  4. Sins of intent – things we commit in our head or heart but don’t follow through

Sin can take many forms.  It doesn’t have to be executed to be a sin.  In this case though, Micah makes it clear that these leaders are sinning and they won’t skate free.  “You cannot remove your necks, and you shall not walk haughtily for it will be a time of disaster”.  God sees all we do.  He will deal with the sin of our life through judgment some day. Micah warns them that their day is coming.

But as we find about God in every case, He is a God of restoration.  “I will surely assemble all of you, O Jacob;  I will gather the remnant of Israel; I will set them together like sheep in a fold”.  God is going to deal with sin.  His nature demands that.  But even though His people were guilty of all kinds of sin, and it was bad, God never gives up on them.  The reality is that we cannot ‘out-sin’ God’s grace and love.  No matter what we do, He is always ready to bring us to Himself and restore us.  His love covers all things.  We can be forgiven and set free from the penalty of sin.  That’s why Jesus came to earth – to die for our sin and give us the opportunity of eternal life with God.  We have to confess, repent and receive – but the offer is there for our taking!

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