Joel 3

Joel 3 has the prophet brings a prophecy related to the Last Days.  According to Guzik, ‘Many have the wrong idea of the “last days,” thinking only in terms of the final years or months immediately before the return of Jesus in glory to this earth, or the rapture of the Church. Scripturally, we can think of the last days as an era, one that began with the birth of the Church on the Day of Pentecost. Since that time, the Church has not been rushing towards a distant edge that represents the consummation of all things. Instead, at the Day of Pentecost the Church came to the edge – and has run parallel to the brink for some 2,000 years’.

God’s already in motion moving toward those final days.  God’s judgment is pending, and will come upon us soon.  Beside the judgment we will face for our individual sins, where we stand before God and give account, there will also be a judgment of the nations.  God cares about how His people have been treated.  “I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel”. Held on the earth after His return in glory, this judgment determines who is allowed to enter into the Millennial Earth, and who goes straight to judgment.

God is going to retaliate against those who have mistreated His people.  All of us will stand before a righteous Judge.  Judgment is about the only aspect of God’s plan of the ages that is plainly logical. The grace and mercy of God is not plainly logical. Salvation by grace through faith is not plainly logical. The high standing and destiny of the believer in Jesus is not plainly logical. Judgment – God simply giving those who reject Him what they deserve – is plainly logical.  We’ll all stand before Him and face that judgment, for our own actions, and for our actions as a nation.

God’s clear that He will be on the throne making the call.  “I will sit to judge all the surrounding nations”.  His time, His place, His standards – it’s all about Him. In those days, everyone will come before Him and face the outcome of their choices.  Sin is always our choice.  It never happens to us.  We choose it. “For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision”.  Joel sees the vision of all mankind coming before God to get His decision.  There is only one way for us to avoid that terrible valley – to receive God’s mercy and grace through Christ.  “But the Lord is  a refuge to his people, a stronghold to the people of Israel”. We should decide for Jesus right now so we never stand in this valley of decision.  It’s our choice how we prepare for our face to face with God at Judgment Day.  Don’t be unprepared to stand before a Holy and Righteous God!


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