Ezekiel 47

Ezekiel 47 has the prophet continuing to share the vision God has given him.  The discussion now shifts from measurements of the building to that of water.  Ezekiel saw water as it flowed from the temple.  “Water was flowing from under the threshold of the house toward the east”.  It flowed toward the east. It came from the south side of the temple and the altar of sacrifice, in the inner area. The water went through the outer area. Then it went along the south side of the outer east gate.  The man took Ezekiel to explore this river. At a third of a mile from the temple, the depth of the water was up to the height of Ezekiel’s ankles.

After another third of a mile, it was up to his knees. At about a mile, the water was up to Ezekiel’s stomach. At 1.3 miles from the temple, the river was very deep. To cross it he would have to swim. The increase of the size of the river could not be natural. It could only be by the power of the Lord.  This is a vision of the power of God’s hand.  He caused the river to flow and to grow. The river flowed to the south and east. It flowed into the valley of the Jordan River and into the Dead Sea.

Today nothing can live in the Dead Sea because of the salt. But when this river flows into the Dead Sea, it will bring pure water. So the issue isn’t with the water coming into the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea is dead because it has no outlet.  That’s what happens when we take things in but there is no expression of those things outwardly – they die.  God is going to change that.  Where now no fish can live then there will be many fish. Men who catch fish will spread their nets along the coast of the sea. They will catch all kinds of fish.

Where the river flows, it will bring life. Trees will grow along both sides of the river. These trees will have all kinds of fruit. Their leaves will not die. There will be fruit every month. The fruit will be good for food. And the leaves will be good medicine to cure people.  We have to learn to let Christ flow through our life.  When we try and contain our relationship and keep it quiet and hidden, it doesn’t flourish.  And if we try to keep it completely under wraps, it can become stale and could even die.  We have to let the river of Christ flow through us.  We need to let His love shine.  We are His hands and feet.  He is the light of our world!

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