Ezekiel 46

Ezekiel 46 has the prophet continuing to explain the vision God gave him of the temple.  In this chapter we learn about God’s provision and design for the Sabbath.  The Lord gave the Sabbath to the Israelites and instructs them to work for 6 days but then they must rest on the 7th day. On that day, they must worship the Lord. The Israelites during Ezekiel’s life refused to obey the Sabbath day rules. That disobedience didn’t invalidate God’s rules or expectations.  The Sabbath is to be set aside to worship Him.

The priests will open the east gate to the inner court only on the special days. These days will be the Sabbath day and the day of the new moon. The prince will lead the people in their worship. He will enter this gate. He will bring his sacrifices to the priests. And he will worship at the entrance to the gate. He must not go into the inner area. The people will worship at this gate but they will not go in.  The sacrifices are called out in great detail here.  Those are important in worship and in addressing the major problem we have as humans – sin.

Of course, since this time God has made another way for us to deal with the sin problem we have as humans.  Scripture is clear that we all are guilty of sin.  None of us are worthy of entry to God’s kingdom on our own merit.  Sin disqualifies us, and the wages of sin are death or eternal separation from God.  But where sacrifices were the way of cleansing sin in Ezekiel’s day, God sent His only Son to the Cross to give us the opportunity to deal with our sin in the same, yet different way.  There still must be the shedding of blood for the forgiveness of sin.

But rather than the sacrifices of old, the shed blood of Christ is now the way we can receive forgiveness of our sin.  And rather than having to pay for the sacrifice and following a bunch of rules and laws, God has chosen to make that gift to us as a gift of grace.  It is free for our receiving.  We merely need to acknowledge our sin, repent, and receive the grace God offers freely.  God is always in the business of restoration.  He wants us to receive His gift and the salvation that accompanies it.  Have you got your spiritual legacy covered?  If not, today should be the day!

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