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Ezekiel 45

Ezekiel 45 has the prophet continuing to document the vision God gave him of the temple.  When the Israelites first came to the country, each of the twelve tribes received a part of the Promised Land. In this future time, they will receive parts of the country again. Chapter 48 describes these parts in more detail. In addition to the land the tribes will receive, there will be a part of the land that will be for the Lord and His temple.  The Lord’s part of the land will also be for the priests. The size of this area will be 8.3 miles by 6.6 miles, no small area.

One of these parts will be for the priests, who must be from the family of Zadok. This family of priests were the only ones who stayed true to God and the role they were to fill.  They will live in this area. And they will serve the Lord in the temple. In the center of this land will be the temple area. The temple area will be 875 feet square. Around this temple area, there will be a clear piece of land 875 feet wide.  God has a significant land mass set aside for His temple and the priests who would care for it.

The other part will be for the Levites. They had failed in their role as priests but still God has a plan to restore them. This will be to the north of the land where the priests from Zadok’s family live. The Levites will assist the Zadok priests in the temple. The Levites will have their homes and towns in this area around the temple.  God expects them to clean up their act.  “Enough, you princes of Israel; put away violence and destruction, and practice justice and righteousness. Stop your expropriations from My people”.

Things had slid badly in God’s people.  The leaders of Israel in Ezekiel’s time did not care about the people. They had robbed the people of their land. They had cheated them in the market place. They used false weights when they sold their goods. They had been cruel and they did not defend the poor. This kind of behavior must stop and God will not allow it in the future.  He is going to clean things up, starting with his priests and the leaders of the people.  God instructs on how to sacrifice to cover their sin and restore them to right relationship with God.

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