Ezekiel 42

Ezekiel 42 continues the prophets tour of the temple through a vision.   There were two buildings in the outer area. They were just outside the inner area. One building was on the north side and the other building was on the south side. Ezekiel describes the one on the north side. All these rooms had doors to the north. The building on the south side was like the one on the north side. The rooms in the south building had doors to the south. These were lodging areas for the priests.

The building was 175 feet long long, east to west. It was 87½ feet wide, north to south. There were three floors with many rooms on each one. The lower two floors had columns.  The entrance to the building was from the outer area on the east side. These two buildings were holy places. In them, the priests could eat some of the sacrifices per God’s law. Also, they would store the oil and grain for the sacrifices in these buildings. In these rooms, the priests would change their clothes. They had to wear special clothes to serve in the temple. They would keep those clothes in these rooms.

Then the man took Ezekiel out of the entire temple area. They went out by the east gate. There was a wall round the whole area. The area was a square. The man measured the wall. The area was 875 feet long and 875 feet wide.  That’s almost three football fields wide by three football fields square.  That is a lot of area – over 760,000 square feet.  This temple complex was huge, and yet God was very focused on the details down to the exact length and width of not only the building, but the entire area.  It’s a huge building and significant in many ways.

Ezekiel gathers this information as God shows Him a vision of it.  Today we can do 3D modelling which would be much simpler.  But God was able to help Ezekiel not only see, but to record, the information about the temple for all time.  Having been to Jerusalem and seeing temple mount – it is on a raised platform that is of significant size and scope.  God has had a plan for this place for centuries.  It matters to Him and what the future holds.  Ezekiel is careful to document it carefully as he writes the final chapters in his book.

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