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Ezekiel 41

Ezekiel 41 continues the vision of the temple as God reveals it to Ezekiel.  Ezekiel was in the temple building. This building was the most holy building in the entire temple area. The building was not for public use. Only priests could enter it. They could not enter whenever they chose. They entered on the special occasions when they had duties there.  Ezekiel records specifics to the measurements and design of God’s temple.  It is precise and very detailed. The purpose of the temple was for worship which was an expression of love between God and His people.

On behalf of the people, the priests showed their love for God when they carried out their duties in the holy place. But God also showed his love for his people here. He showed his love because his glory was present in the most holy place. Ezekiel entered the holiest room where a normal priest could worship. Ezekiel describes the inside of this room which was not a very large room by modern standards. It was 35 feet wide and 70 feet long. In this room, the priests would worship God.

Ezekiel then moves to a description of the most holy place.  “This is the most holy place”.  It was where God’s presence was. This was the most sacred room in the temple. Ezekiel did not enter this room and he did not describe its contents. Only one man, the chief priest, could enter this room. The ‘man’ who was with Ezekiel did enter this room. That is because this ‘man’ was not human. He was an angel. We know this fact because of his astonishing description. Angels are without sin. So, unlike people, they are able to enter the place where God is present.  We can only approach God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ which covers our sin.

The angel took Ezekiel to see the outside of the temple building. On three sides of the building were small rooms for the priests to use. These rooms were not part of the temple building although they leaned upon it. The building that contained these rooms was on three floors. So it was a high building by the standards when Ezekiel was alive. And although the rooms were small, there were many of them. Ezekiel counted a total of 90 rooms.  It was on a raised platform.  The rest of the chapter contains details of measurements and contents all part of this very special place.

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