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Ezekiel 7

Ezekiel 7 continues with the prophet gaining more clarity on what is to come.  Many Jews thought that Jerusalem would never be conquered. Ezekiel announced with certainty that the city would fall. God had been longsuffering and merciful, and had saved the city many times, but the people stubbornly refused to repent. Now the time for God’s judgment had come.  “The end is coming….the end is upon you, and I will send My anger against you; I will judge you according to your ways and bring all your abominations upon you”.  It’s definitive and coming soon.

The city is about to fall; rich and poor were about to lose everything. “My eye will have no pity on you, nor will I spare you, but I will bring your ways upon you, and your abominations will be among you; then you will know that I am the Lord”!  Notice what God wants to happen as a result of His punishment?  He wants the people – His people – to know that He is Lord.  They’ve put their trust and worship in idols and themselves.  They’ve pushed God out of their lives and city.  And now, He’s taking back what is His.  He’ll have to use extreme means to get their attention, but God will be God.

Those living in Jerusalem might prepare for battle, but it will be useless. Jerusalem is doomed. People trapped in the city will die of starvation. Those in the fields and villages outside will be killed by enemy soldiers. Anyone who managed to escape will face a miserable existence in their mountain hiding places  “I will repay you according to your ways….you will know that I, the Lord, do the smiting….None of them shall remain, none of their people, none of their wealth, nor anything eminent among them”.

We’re talking complete and total destruction.  Why?  Because they have chosen to disobey a Holy God.  And He is compelled to deal with sin.  “I will bring the worst of the nations, and they will possess their houses. I will also make the pride of the strong ones cease, and their holy places will be profaned. When anguish comes, they will seek peace, but there will be none. Disaster will come upon disaster and rumor will be added to rumor; then they will seek a vision from a prophet, but the law will be lost from the priest and counsel from the elders”.  This is a fitting judgment for the intentional sin of the people.  God will not be mocked!

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