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Song of Solomon 8

Song of Solomon 8 has our maiden expressing her desires for her love.  “I would lead you and bring you into the house of my mother”. The maiden wanted to enjoy the intimacy of married love with her beloved, but to enjoy within the approval of her family. There was nothing impure or secretive about their love.  They express it openly and with great passion and desire.  While reading this chapter may make some blush, it describes the intimacy that God created when He made man and woman one through the bonds of marriage.

I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases”.  This idea is a plea to leave her romantic dream and desires uninterrupted. It can be understood both in the context of relationship and in passion.  That is the reality of the kind of love God desires within a marriage.  True love is built on deep relationship between a husband and wife.  This relationship can only be built by spending time together and truly getting to know one another at the level of the heart.  Then we can express passion based on a strong foundation.

The issue for many is that they want to start with passion, or physical intimacy, before we do the hard work and take the time to build the foundation of emotional an spiritual relationship upon which we can then safely and effectively express passion.  We tend to rush right for the intimacy and sex part of marriage, or even relationship, and it can cheapen and reduce the sacredness of a marriage relationship.  Done right, love produces a genuinely pleasing relationship.  Done incorrectly and out of order, with a focus on going fast, we can skip the foundation and find out later that our love is built on sinking sand and won’t stand the test of time.

Who is that coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved”? The idea here is not that the maiden is old and needs help but rather that she accompanies her beloved and walks with him together as husband and wife.  Charles Spurgeon used this as a picture of the closeness and dependence of the Church upon Jesus Christ. Many things could be said as true regarding both the maiden and the people of God.

  • She leaned because she was weak and needed strength.
  • She leaned because the way was long.
  • She leaned because the way was perilous.
  • She leaned because the path was ascending, going higher and higher.
  • She leaned because her progress took her more and more away from others and more and more to her beloved’s side.
  • She leaned because she was sure her beloved was strong enough to bear her weight.
  • She leaned because she loved him.

Song of Solomon teaches us much about love and marriage relationships, but also gives us insight into our Savior and His love for us.  We need to study this book well and understand how we can live it out with both our spouse and our Lord!

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