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Song of Solomon 7

Song of Solomon 7 has Solomon again describing his maiden in great detail, now for the third time.  It is yet another extended description of the maiden’s beauty.  This comparison strengthens the impression that it is far more important for a woman to be assured of and confident in her beauty than it is for a man.  Solomon goes to great lengths to not just express her beauty, but to dive into the specific details of how that beauty was expressed and his appreciation for it.

He does it these ways, as Guzik describes it:

  • The first description of beauty (Song of Solomon 4:1-5) is in the context of the wedding night; the beloved praised the beauty of the maiden before she yielded her virginity to him.
  • The second description of beauty (Song of Solomon 6:4-9) is the context of restoring a relationship after a conflict; the beloved assured the maiden that she was just as beautiful to him then as she was on the wedding night.
  • This third description of beauty (Song of Solomon 7:1-5) is perhaps a more public description, further assuring the maiden of her beauty.

While all these descriptions seem to be between a man and his bride, if the Song has any allegorical significance, it would be that God finds us much more amazing than we find him.  We are beautifully and wonderfully made by our God, the Creator.

Solomon reinforces his love through words.  “How beautiful and pleasant you are”.  It isn’t a passing comment or meaningless set of words.  He goes deep in describing just how much appreciation he has for his maiden.  He exudes joy and pleasure in her, and goes to great lengths to express his love verbally.  Men are often quick to express that love physically, but God created woman to desire to hear it and be treated softly and gently, not rushing to the physical until the emotional and spiritual connection are in place.  Solomon seems to get that here, paying close attention to his words.

And in response, the maiden is all his.  “I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me”.  This is a picture of the mutual love that should exist between a man and his bride.  Committed, dedicated, exclusive love that is intimate and deep.  That is God’s design for marriage and sex, and He is indeed the creator and author of both.  Man has managed to mess up both in a lot of ways, but God’s plan is for us to love each other and have only eyes and a desire for one another.  While it isn’t an ownership, it is a committed relationship that He designed.  If we live that out marriage and the sexual relationship will be amazing!

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