Psalm 149

Psalm 149 reminds us again to praise the Lord.  The psalms are filled with this exhortation, over and over again we are told to praise Him.  This psalm tells us to “sing to the Lord a new song”.  Praising God should never get stale or old.  After all, the praise is for a living God who continues to bless His children each and every day.  Our praise should change with His love and blessing for us.  We’re also told to sing it “in the assembly of the godly”.  Who we praise God with matters too!

In fact, who we hang out with makes a huge difference in our lives.  If we surround ourselves with godly people who are walking with God and living a life full of praise, it is far more likely we’ll experience Him in the same way.  If we instead surround ourselves with folks who are negative and bitter toward God, and choose not to walk with Him on a day by day basis, the potential certainly exists for us to be drawn away from God and if we hang there long enough to be completely pulled away from Him.

It is another reason that who we are around matters.  We want to be surrounded by folks who are glad to be in His presence and rejoice in His Kingdom.  We’re also told to praise Him with dancing.  That is quite a stretch for me personally as I have no rhythm, but for those with some talent God desires our praise in many ways.  We are also told to praise Him with the melody of instruments.  There are many ways we are to praise Him.  In fact, it should consume our entire relationship with Him.  It is a vital part to walking well with Him.

But praise isn’t reserved just for the times we are assembled with His people.  We’re also told to “sing for joy on their beds”.  Praising God is to be a way of life.  It should permeate all we are and do.  It is how we give Him the glory He is due and how we exalt Him above all else.  God is worthy of our praise.  He is in control of all things, and will deal with evil and the punishment of those who are against Him.  God will set the record straight in every way.  He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and worthy of our praise!

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