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Psalm 129

Psalm 129 is a psalm of Ascent that is focused on the impact of evil on life.  The writer has experienced the affliction of evil and the enemy.  Yet even with the impact of those circumstances, he has chosen not to be downcast or over trodden.  “Greatly have they afflicted me from my youth, yet they have not prevailed against me”.  We have a choice when we are faced with things that don’t go our way.  We can choose to let it control us and drive us down, or we can refuse to let the circumstances of life overtake us.

Attitude is a choice, and how we respond to the negative things of the past is our choice.  Life does not happen to us unless we allow it to.  We need to happen to life.  We need to choose how we’ll live and what we’ll do and the way we’ll respond to whatever the situation.  We have that opportunity.  We can choose not to let evil prevail and the negative things to take over our attitude.  So many don’t realize they truly do have a choice.  It isn’t an accident – it is a choice.

The author has experienced some long and difficult times. “The plowers plowed upon my back; they made long their furrows”.  It would be easy to let that pull down the attitude and cause despair.  But instead, he turns his attention to the Lord.  “The Lord is righteous; he has cut the cords of the wicked”.  The truth is that no matter what’s happened, God is still in control.  His righteousness will win out in the end.  We may suffer some pain and suffering but God is in control.  He has won the war.

No matter what’s happening in life, we need to keep in mind that in the end, we know who wins.  “Let them be like the grass on the housetops, which withers before it grows up”. It may seem unfair, and that the forces of evil are winning the battle, but this story has already been written.  Evil will fade.  God’s righteousness and justice and holiness will prevail.  We need to keep our eyes on Him and the truth of that outcome.  Evil will fade away.  It withers when God takes it on face to face.  Our God wins, and He reigns. Hallelujah!

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