Psalm 93

Psalm 93 is five short verses but gives us some powerful truth.  God is on the throng.  He is in control.  Quite simply it begins with “The Lord reigns”.  It’s a pretty matter of fact statement but gives us truth that is for all mankind for all time.  God created the world and is established as the Creator for eternity.  “It shall never be moved”. Another matter of fact statement about God and just how established His seat is.  He is the Lord and sits on the throne of the universe.  That isn’t changing.  Not today.  Not anytime.

Your throne is established from of old; you are from everlasting”.  It started all the way back at creation.  God spoke the world into existence then, and sits on the throne of power and control yet today.  That is how it was ‘In the beginning’.  That is how it will be at the end.  God will be in charge.  He will be the judge.  He will sit on the throne with absolute power and authority.  He came from everlasting (the beginning of time) and will be established until everlasting (the end of time).  This isn’t a short term gig.  It is for eternity.

The other reality is that God isn’t just hanging on.  He isn’t being propped up because He started on the throne.  “The Lord on high is mighty”.  He is the absolute power of our universe.  He created all things.  He has overseen all things.  He is the source of life in and through all things.  He is a mighty God. He is “mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea”.  Nothing is beyond His control.  God does not just hang on.  He is the Master of all for all eternity.

One of the commentaries summarizes the chapter with these three key points:

  • Verses 1-2 announce the stability the world enjoys as a direct result of God’s rule.
  • Verses 3-4 point out God’s defeat of the chaos and that He is “mightier” than even this most powerful and unpredictably chaotic force.
  • Verse 5 subtly shifts from creation to governance. God’s “decrees” match his reign in stability as they are “very trustworthy.”

The summary is simple.  God is in control.  That control is over all things.  And that control is very good for us all!


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