Psalm 53

Psalm 53 has David providing some commentary on the state of the fool.  “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.””  David looked at those who denied the existence of God and came to the conclusion that they are fools.  Guzik points out that the God-denying man is a fool because:

  • He denies what is plainly evident.
  • He believes in tremendous effect with no cause.
  • He denies a moral authority in the universe.
  • He believes only what can be proven by the scientific method.
  • He takes a dramatic, losing chance on his supposition that there is no God.
  • He refuses to be persuaded by the many powerful arguments for the existence of God.

Those who don’t believe in God have no moral compass, thus they do all sorts of things that are without boundaries.  “They are corrupt, doing abominable iniquity; there is none who does good”.  God does pay attention to all this.  He watches from heaven to see who is seeking after Him and His laws.  “God looks down from heaven on the children of man to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God”.  All of us will stand before Him someday to give account for our actions and choices.  We won’t escape that because we say there is no God.  That doesn’t change the reality that He is.

Many people deceive themselves into believing they will get away with living however they want.  “Have those who work evil no knowledge”.  There is a judgment coming where we’ll stand before the throne of the God who created the universe and answer for our life.  It’s not optional, and pretending God doesn’t exist or judgment is not coming will only be a matter of deceiving ourselves.  It’s why Jesus came to earth – because judgment is coming and all of us will fall short.  We won’t pass muster on our own merit.  And those who refuse to accept the reality of God’s existence will be particularly exposed on that day.

There are many arguments that support the existence of God.  Guzik calls out these:

  • The Cosmological Argument: The existence of the universe means there must be a creator God.
  • The Teleological Argument: The existence of design in the universe means there must be a designer God.
  • The Anthropological Argument: The unique nature and character of humanity means there must be a relational God.
  • The Moral Argument: The existence of morality means there must be a governing God.

So where do you stand.  Are you taking the stand that God doesn’t exist, thus how I live doesn’t matter?  Don’t make that mistake.  Someday we’ll stand face to face with Him.  Make sure you’re ready for that reality!


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