Psalm 3

Psalm 3 has the psalmist recognizing just how many foes are around.  They are rising up against him, and he knows that his only hope is in the Lord.  That is the reality when we are overwhelmed – our hope is in the Lord and Him alone.  But as we’ve seen often in scripture, we have to take action to engage God’s power for our life.  We have to ask.  “I cried aloud to the Lord, and he answered me from his holy hill….the Lord sustained me”.

The psalmist cries to the Lord, and when he did, God answered.  That is the reality of the God we serve.  He’s on duty 24/7/365.  Not like a genie that we can command from our lowly place here on earth, but the King of Kings we can approach with our heartfelt concerns and requests.  We need to do that, as He is ready and able to not only hear our cries and prayers, but to take action and sustain us.  He doesn’t just listen.  God takes action and responds to our pleas.  He loves us and is above all and overall.  He can set us free from the fear of man, as He alone is over all.

The psalmist also reminds us that “Salvation belongs to the Lord”.  We can’t save ourselves.  Not from the day to day chaos and misery that is part of life, nor more importantly, certainly not from the outcome of being a sinner – the eternal separation from God for eternity if we don’t deal with our sin.  We are fortunate and blessed that God has made provision to deal with our sin.  His Son Jesus Christ went to the Cross for that very reason, and all we have to do is receive that free gift of grace and make Jesus our own personal Savior.

God has done all that is needed.  He has made a way.  He is listening and willing to offer us eternity in His presence if we only accept His offer.  But just like engaging His power in our life through prayer, we do have to take some action.  We have to accept the gift and make it our own.  We have to reach out and receive the blessing of salvation He has made to us.  It’s ours for the taking, but we can’t just sit back and wish it.  We have to take action and make it our own.  Eternity is a very long time.  We need to be sure we are ready!


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