Job 41

Job 41 has God describing Leviathan, sometimes defined as a mythical sea creature, and other times as a reference to Satan himself.  God makes it clear that this force of darkness is powerful.  He warns Job that his attempt to deal with the forces of evil won’t end well.  Man cannot deal with evil alone.  “Lay your hands on him; remember the battle – you will not do it again”!  When we try to take on our enemy – we will lose.  And we have a very real enemy in Satan who is very focused on our demise.

Scripture tells us the goal Satan has is to ‘kill, steal and destroy’ us.  When we think we can deal with him and handle the temptations that come our way, we are merely deceiving ourselves.  “Behold, the hope of a man is false; he is laid low even at the sight of him”.  God makes it clear that depending on our power to defeat the enemy is a dream that will not come true.  We need to run from temptation as it often causes us to go further to a point of sin.  Our enemy always takes us to sin.  Temptation is not sin.  Sin happens when we give in and act on temptation.

The reality of sin is this:

  1. Sin will always take you further than you wanted to go
  2. Sin will always keep you longer than you wanted to stay
  3. Sin will always cost you more than you wanted to pay

We can’t play with the fire of temptation and expect not to be burned.  So our only hope is in God.  He alone can defeat the enemy.  He alone can give us the power to resist temptation.  Sin is always a choice.  Our ability to fight evil and cling to righteousness and goodness depends on walking closely with God and relying on His power.

The enemy is strong.  This chapter lists many characteristics that apply to Satan and his desire to destroy us.  Yet God is stronger.  “Whatever is under the whole heaven is mine”.  God is in control.  He owns all.  He created all.  His is over all.  And He alone is able to help us overcome Leviathan/Satan and all the forces of evil.  We’ll never stand against them in our own strength.  Our hope is in Him.  Our power comes from Him.  Our eternity is dependent on Him.  The chapter closes defining the enemy as “king over all the sons of pride”.  When we stand alone on our own power and might, we will fall.  This likely is talking about Job’s vulnerability to Satan and role the enemy played in Job’s crisis.  We have to rely on God to be victorious!


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