Job 39

Job 39 has God continuing to question Job.  “Do you know” is the question God asks over and over as He discusses some of the different animals and birds in his creation.  He begins with questions about the mountain goats as He brings His level of knowledge down to what Job can begin to understand.  Job doesn’t understand all these principles of God’s natural order in creation, but he has to admit that they all work together and work pretty well.  God’s plan for His creation is masterful and amazing, and this chapter drives that home.

God moves on to talk about the donkey and then the wild ox.  Both can be used to serve the needs of man, but are certainly not simple to control.  Wild animals must be captured and trained, and they often don’t do that willingly.  The wild donkey is admired in scripture for its freedom and ability to survive some of the harshest conditions.  The wild ox is a strong and mighty animal, of which man needed to be afraid.  Next to the hippopotamus and elephant, it is one of the largest and most powerful animals in God’s creation.  God uses both to show just how little control man truly has.

God moves on to speak of the ostrich and horse.  A bird that couldn’t fly yet uniquely and intentionally made by God.  There was a challenge to Job to explain why a flightless bird has wings, or why a winged creature is flightless?  It really is a funny thing that God talks about and the commentaries point to this section as the only real humor in the entire book.  It had to bring a smile to Job’s face.  The point is that God alone is the one with wisdom.  Man cannot answer these questions.  But God has a plan, and knows the ‘why’ of all parts of His creation, whether Job does or not.

God ends with His focus being on the hawk and eagle.  God turns to the majestic birds as He ends His description of some of His magnificent creation.  These creatures are part of His dominion created by His wisdom following His plan.  Job has to admit that man has no influence over these animals and can’t command them or direct them at all.  Only God can do that.  God is making it painfully clear that He alone is in control – now and from the days of creation – and man, including Job, merely fit into His world and creation at His pleasure.


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