Job 35

Job 35 has Elihu continuing his speech.  “Do you think this to be just? Do you say, ‘It is my right before God”?  The question reflects a common attitude that somehow things aren’t fair.  One thing we all need to remember is that life is not fair.  And God does not sit on His throne concerned with what we consider to be fair in our lives.  One thing we know for sure about God though is that He is just.  He never changes.  His justice doesn’t flow with the political tides or societal norms. God’s justice is based on His nature and character and will always be the same.

But sometimes we think God owes us.  It is our right to have God do this or answer that.  We have no standing to insist on Him doing anything for us.  We are not just and righteous.  We are sinners.  “If you have sinned, what do you accomplish against him? And if your transgressions are multiplied, what do you do to him”?  Elihu makes these questions but the reality is that they are statements of fact.  We do sin.  Our transgressions are multiplied.  We have to accept our failure to be just in His sight.

That sin requires an answer.  God’s nature of righteousness and holiness and justice require that something be done to atone for our sin.  In the Old Testament it was a series of sacrifices and actions to take away the sin of the world.  But that changed when God sent His only Son to the Cross to take our place, to bear our sins, to carry them to death and then to rise again in victory over death.  Jesus paid it all.  The price has been paid.  All that is left for us is to receive it in faith – to accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord.

Sin will separate us from God.  It does it while we live as God seems far from us when we walk in sin.  “There they cry out, but he does not answer, because of the pride of evil men”.  But that pride can extend to preventing us from addressing our sin and cause an eternal separation from God if we fail to get right through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We have a choice to make in how we will deal with our sinful pride.  If we don’t get past ourselves and come to Christ, that pride will take us away from God for eternity!


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