Job 3

Job 3 begins with the words “After this”.  He’s just gone through all sorts of catastrophe and for the first time, he speaks.  “Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth”.  Satan’s goal is to get Job to curse God.  It doesn’t even get close to that.  But Job does begin to express his pain and frustration.  This is the battle for Job’s soul and mind.  Job’s complaint is that it would be better if he were never born than to endure his present catastrophe of affliction.  He not only curses the day of his birth, but also the night of his conception.

He is suffering greatly, yet he does not curse God.  Yet through all of it he never curses God.  Here we find some of his strongest statements against God and especially against the wisdom and plan of God.  Job doesn’t understand why this is happening.  And it seems like more than he can endure.  He wails against his life and what he is going through and without the help of the Spirit within him, surely would have gone over the line and cursed God.  But that is the power of the Holy Spirit when we surrender our life to God.  The Spirit within us guides us through the course of life.

Job just wants to die.  You know it is bad for him.  Scripture does not paint a picture of pure joy and happiness in the midst of trials and pain.  It allows us a picture of the reality of life – that pain and sorrow happen and they matter and impact us greatly.  We aren’t to pretend like there are no issues as we go through life.  We don’t have to put on a stiff upper lip and keep moving like nothing is ever wrong.  That is the truth of being alive.  We have to deal with the tragedies and challenges that come our way, but we do it with the power of God in us.

Job feels lost.  “Why is light given to a man whose way is hidden, whom God has hedged in”?  He can’t see his way, and his purpose seems to have escaped him.  There is no apparent reason for what is happening to Job. But God has a plan.  Guzik lists some reasons why Job is going through all this:

  • God allowed Job to continue on in life to teach a lesson to angelic beings.
  • God allowed Job to continue on in life to teach him special reliance upon God.
  • God allowed Job to continue on in life to teach him to not regard the wisdom of man so much.
  • God allowed Job to continue on in life to vindicate him before other men.
  • God allowed Job to continue on in life to make him a lesson and an example for all ages.
  • God allowed Job to continue on in life to give him more than he ever had before.

At the end of the day, this is all about Job learning to trust completely on God.  All of us have to learn this lesson, and not move to the trap of cursing God and blaming Him for all our troubles.  These things did not happen to Job because he was a sinner or bad person.  But they did allow God to be His Rock and Provider and in the end to bless him far beyond anything he had experienced before.  God has a perfect plan for each of us.  We can’t always see it on the way through life, but that does not change the reality that God has a plan for you and me!


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