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Esther 9

Esther 9 has Haman gone.  It had come down to the wire as this was the day “when the king’s command and edict were about to be carried out, on the very day when the enemies of the Jews hoped to gain the mastery over them, the reverse occurred: the Jews gained mastery over those who hated them.”  Can you imagine what would have happened had Mordecai not challenged Esther with his words about being where she was for such a time as this?  Of course it was all happening under God’s plan, but there was little room for procrastination here.

But the turnabout was more than the king’s letter to change the game.  “All the officials of the provinces and the satraps and the governors and the royal agents also helped the Jews, for the fear of Mordecai had fallen on them.”  Mordecai has become a force in the leadership structure under the king.  He now has taken on the number two spot and speaks with great power and authority.  So leaders across the kingdom lined up and were following his direction.  Talk about a change of places.  He went from the one being persecuted to the one in charge.

“The Jews struck all their enemies with the sword, killing and destroying them, and did as they pleased to those who hated them.”  They went from the hunted to the hunters and destroyed 500 men in Susa but 75,000 throughout the kingdom.  These were enemies of the Jews who had every intention of destroying them.  Now the tables have been turned and they are destroyed.  They also kill the ten sons of Haman.  No bad apples are left in the barrel. It’s a total cleanup of the enemies.

After that is done, the king wants to know what else Esther wants.  And she asks for a celebration which they called Purim.  They had replaced an evil plan with God’s plan, and now it was time to celebrate.  So a written decree went out from the queen and Mordecai calling for the people to celebrate, not just this year, but each year going forward.  They were to commemorate God’s goodness and blessing and His saving them from their enemies.  We need to learn to celebrate God’s goodness and point glory to Him.

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