2 Chronicles 27

1 Chronicles 27 has the next king in line taking the throne.  His name was Jotham and he was son of Uzziah.  “He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord according to all that his father Uzziah had done”.  Unfortunately in scripture, that sentence doesn’t end with a period.  Like his father before him, Jotham did what he knew based on what his dad had taught and modeled for him.  And he did that.  But unfortunately, not completely, and not effectively with his people.  Scripture shows us shows us the great influence that a father has on a son

Here it come – the words behind the comma in that sentence.  It says “except he did not enter the temple of the Lord”.  Jotham did learn from his father’s mistakes.  Remember that Uzziah had unrightfully entered the temple and Jotham doesn’t make that mistake again.  So that was a great comma to have in the story.  A son who paid attention to what his father had done, good and bad, and in this case, learned from the mistakes and did not walk down that exact same path of destruction.

Yet there was a shortcoming for Jotham.  Scripture says “but the people still followed corrupt practices”.  The word still is important, because it tells us that this corruption did not begin with the reign of Jotham, but continued from the days of his father, Uzziah. Though Uzziah did not finish well, the personal character of Uzziah was generally godly. It seems Jotham did what was right in God’s eyes, but his people didn’t.  They didn’t follow him in a way that changed how they lived.  His leadership and how he modeled his life did not motivate his people to follow.  He led poorly, or at least ineffectively, and the people fell short.

He was a hard worker and build gates and repaired walls and won battles over the Ammonites and took their precious metals and crops as payment.  We learn that “Jotham became mighty, because he ordered his ways before the Lord his God”.  It seems God blessed him even if the people didn’t follow, which tells us something about the power of a godly leader. Jotham is the only one of all the Hebrew kings, from Saul down, against whom God has nothing to record. His character is in beautiful accord with his name, Jehovah-perfect.


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