2 Chronicles 25

2 Chronicles 25 has a new king on the throne following Joash, his son Amaziah.  “He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, yet not with a whole heart”.  Big lesson here – halfhearted is not good enough.  99% hearted is not good enough.  God wants 100% of our heart.  He fell short. “But he killed his servants who had struck down the king his father. But he did not put their children to death, according to what is written in the Law”.  It was the standard practice of those days not only to execute the guilty party, but also their family. Amaziah went against the conventional practice of his day and obeyed the word of God instead.

Amaziah gets familiar with his people and discovered he had 300,000 men who were old enough to fight.  But that didn’t satisfy him.  “He hired also 100,000 mighty men of valor from Israel”.  But a prophet comes and tells him “do not let the army of Israel go with you, for the Lord is not with Israel”.  What was Amaziah’s response?  He was worried about all the money he had paid those men.  “What shall we do about the hundred talents that I have given to the army of Israel”?  He immediately went to money, not what God had told him to do.

He asks the man of God about the battle he was going to do and is told that God will give him the victory, even without the 100K men from Israel he had sent packing.  He did in the victory on the battlefield, but then squandered it away by what he did.  “After Amaziah came from striking down the Edomites, he brought the gods of the men of Seir and set them up as his gods and worshiped them, making offerings to them”.  This was a rejection of God’s mercy to Amaziah. God was kind to send him a correcting prophet to put him on the right path, but he basically spits in God’s eye.

So God is angry with Amaziah and sent to him a prophet to tell him that “God has determined to destroy you, because you have done this and have not listened to my counsel”.  Amaziah became cocky and confident and calls the king of Israel out to do battle.  He is warned that this is a bad plan, but the odds seemed overwhelmingly on his side.  He had reason to believe he would be successful. He had recently assembled a 300,000 man army that killed 20,000 Edomites in a victory over Edom.

King Joash of Israel seemed very weak, having only 50 horsemen, 10 chariots, and 10,000 foot soldiers after being defeated by the Syrians.  How could he lose?  He forgot the God factor.  And he not only lost but was captured and spent the rest of his life in the contempt of his people for leading them away from God.  “From the time when he turned away from the Lord they made a conspiracy against him in Jerusalem”.


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