2 Chronicles 14

2 Chronicles 14 has Abijah dying and Asa his son taking the throne.  “Asa did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God”.  We’re now four generations from David – Solomon – Rehoboam – Abijah.  But Asa restores things to the ways of David.  He ripped out the altars and broke up the idols and cut down the Asherim.  He commands his people to seek God.  It is quite a change and he restores the law and commandment as the central foundation of the kingdom.

And what happens?  “The kingdom had rest under him”.  Surprise, surprise.  Asa leads the people to walk closely with God and all of a sudden there is peace in the kingdom.  Not just a little peace, but 10 years worth.  “So they built and prospered“.  Amazing what you can get done if you aren’t fighting an enemy constantly.    It wasn’t long though until Zerah the Ethiopian decided to take a crack at fighting him.  The enemy had a million soldiers and Asa had just over half that many.

So what does Asa do?  Put together a brilliant strategic battle plan?  “Asa cried to the Lord “ just like any Godly leader would in a situation like this.    The battle lines were drawn and the enemy looked overwhelming.  But once again, God shows up and tells Asa “let not man prevail against you“.     God plus any number is always a majority.  So they went out to battle and the enemy was broken before the Lord.  It was over before it started. This was against a million men, remember?

The Lord defeated the Ethiopians that day.  Judah got the spoils after chasing them down and killing every one.  The fear of the Lord was surrounding their army so they attacked all the cities around and plundered them.  And they took back a lot of land and brought back an abundance of sheep and camels.  And none of it was because of their skill as an army.  It was because their leader cried out to God, sought His face, and turned the battle over to Him.  God never lets us down if we see His face.


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