2 Chronicles 4

2 Chronicles 4 has a description of the furnishings of the temple.  This was the place of sacrifice, the center for worship and service for the priests and the people.  It begins with the description of the altar which was almost 30 feet square and about twice as large as the altar originally built for the tabernacle.  The altar was set up high to remind the people of their sins and of their Savior.  It is way up in the air and would be impossible to miss from any distance.


He next describes “a sea of cast metal” which was a huge basin more than 15 feet across which was used for the ceremonial washings connected with the priests themselves.  Beyond the cleansing of the priest’s hands and feet, it likely was also to supply water to the standing basins for the rinsing of offerings as they were brought in.  The basin would have held much water and could have had many uses.  He also made ten additional basins which were used for washing and cleaning the animal parts in the rituals of sacrifice.

Next comes the description of the lampstands, tables, and bowls.  The work of the temple required lampstands for light and tables to hold the bread that represented the continual fellowship of Israel with God. Remember that the old tabernacle had one lampstand and one table. The temple was designed with much more light which would have allowed for much more fellowship.  The bowls were likely used for collecting the blood of sacrifices which was then sprinkled about the altar as part of the sacrificial ceremony.

Hiram finished the work that he did for King Solomon on the house of God”.  He created a lot of items for the king.  Solomon hired him to do all his work – that is, the fine artistic work of the temple.  We don’t know what Solomon spent on building the temple as “the weight of the bronze was not sought”.  There was no attempt to keep an accurate account of what was given to the service of God. Even Solomon’s left had did not know what his right hand did.

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