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1 Chronicles 20

1 Chronicles 20 gives us a list of victories that David’s army experienced.  In the spring “Joab led out the army and ravaged the country of the Ammonites and came and besieged Rabbah”. Joab was the leader of David’s army, but typically David was still around and part of the action.  Not this time.  “David remained at Jerusalem”.  Do you know why?  A lot happened between David stayed at Jerusalem and Joab defeated Rabbah.  Those words come closely together in scripture, but the drama that occurred was one of the biggest mistakes David made.

What happened when David remained at Jerusalem was so well known that the author did not need to record it. In his leisure David saw a woman bathing, took action on his feelings of lust, committed adultery and made her pregnant, and conspired with Joab to murder her husband Uriah to cover up his crime.  All the while Joab was doing battle on David’s behalf while he’s back at the palace living a life of sin.  Joab won the battle over Ammon and brought home the king’s crown for David.  He also managed to get Uriah killed as per David’s orders.

It’s important to note that David’s sin didn’t take away his crown. Had David refused the voice of Nathan the Prophet it might have. Because David responded with confession and repentance, there was still a crown for his head.  That doesn’t mean he wasn’t accountable for his actions.  It does mean that God is a God of grace and mercy and forgiveness when we come to him with a contrite heart.  We can learn much about how we need to respond when sin impacts our lives.

The rest of the chapter captures the victory over Philistine giants shows that Israel could slay giants without David. “Sibbechai . . . Elhanan . . . Jonathan” were all men that dereated these men of great stature.  These men accomplished heroic deeds after David was finished fighting giants. David had done the first slaying and opened the door to the truth that with God, all things are possible.  God continues to raise up leaders when the leaders of the previous generation move on with life.  These men stepped up and continued the path David had blazed.

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