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1 Chronicles 12

1 Chronicles 12 continues the story of David’s rise to king.  We learn more about the men who surrounded him as warriors.  “They were bowmen and could shoot arrows and sling stones with either the right or the left hand….mighty and experienced warriors, expert with shield and spear, whose faces were like the faces of lions and who were swift as gazelles upon the mountains….the least was a match for a hundred men and the greatest for a thousand”.  These guys were the real deal.  They could handle any enemy.

But it goes far beyond that.  After the basic group of his mighty men were formed, “from day to day men came to David to help him, until there was a great army, like an army of God”.  David shows the telltale signs of a good leader.  He was like a talent magnet.  Everyone wanted to be part of his team.  There were tens of thousands that came, actually over 200K before it was all done.  And they weren’t the lowly warriors, but chiefs and commanders and leaders from the different tribes.  It was quite an army.

The list of men who were committed to David is impressive.  They were “seasoned troops, equipped for battle with all the weapons of war”.  These men were ready for action.  Are you in the ranks of God’s army?  Are you prepared for battle, ready for a fight, seasoned and equipped?  Scripture tells us in Ephesians 6 about being prepared for spiritual warfare – a battle we are all right in the middle of as believers whether we recognize it or not.  And as the days go by there is little doubt we are moving quickly into a cultural battle too.  Are you ready?

Scripture also tells us these warriors had “singleness of purpose”.  They had one thing on their mind – to serve their leader and kind.  “All these, men of war, arrayed in battle order, came to Hebron with full intent to make David king over all Israel”.  They were ready to fight but wanted a single leader they could all follow.  So they went to Hebron to make David king.  And as they did, the rest of the people followed.  “Likewise, all the rest of Israel were of a single mind to make David king”.  Leadership matters.  It was important to these men, as self-sufficient and talented as they were as warriors, to have a leader at the top.  They know that together they are much stronger and more powerful when united behind one.  And when David accepts the throne, “there was joy in Israel”.  People understood the power of having a great king!

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