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1 Chronicles 11

1 Chronicles 11 has the story of David becoming King of Israel again.  They bring him to Hebron and say “You shall be shepherd of my people Israel, and you shall be prince over my people Israel”.  Saul is dead and the people want a new king.  They admit that David actually has already done some amazing things for the kingdom, so it was a pretty simple decision.  David accepts the position and moved to Jerusalem where “David lived in the stronghold; therefore it was called the city of David”.

Samuel had told the people God’s plan for David to become king.  He was chosen by God, and “David became greater and greater, for the Lord of hosts was with him”.  But he didn’t become king solely because of his skill.  These three characteristics should mark anyone who leads God’s people:

  • A leader must belong to God’s people in heritage and heart.
  • A leader must demonstrate capability to lead.
  • A leader must have an evident call from God.

David fit the bill in all three cases.  He had the call, the heart and the ability to lead.

The balance of the chapter talks of David’s mighty men.  There were thirty in all, and they were the faithful that enabled him to lead.  David was nothing without his mighty men, and they were nothing without him. He was their leader, but a leader is nothing without followers – and David had the mighty men that chose to follow him. These men didn’t necessarily start as mighty men; many were some of the distressed, indebted, and discontent people who followed David from his early days.  But they were the secret to his success.

The thrity were broken into two parts.  There were three that were closest to him.  These three remained his inner circle.  The list of accomplishments and victories they had is impressive, killing hundreds of enemy soldiers themselves and other remarkable wins.  But there were other key leaders among his mighty men, and they had different responsibilities in leading.  We see the entire list here and some of the accomplishments they made.  David was a great leader in his own right, but he surrounded himself with mighty men that stood with him and helped him achieve his mission and plans.  It’s how things get done – a leader surrounded by able folks that are willing to be part of the mission and drive toward the goal!

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