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1 Chronicles 7

1 Chronicles 7 continues the listing of the genealogies of the tribes.  It begins with the tribe of Issachar in verses 1-5.  Scripture tells us that there were 87,000 mighty warriors ready for battle in this tribe.  Scripture calls out a few of the key men along the line.  In verses 6-12 we see data on the tribe of Benjamin.  Three main clans are listed here, that of Bela, Beker and Jediael who had a total of 61,434 men of fighting age.  The census which was ordered by King David was to determine how many men were available for battle, so it does not include women or children.

Next comes the tribe of Naphtali in verse 13.  So they get mention, but beyond listing his four sons there is no other information.  The western half of the tribe of Manasseh is found in verses 14-19.  Remember that this tribe lived half on one side of the Jordan and half on the other.  Epraim is the next tribe to be mentioned.  We get a little more history here as we’re told “Ezer and Elead, whom the men of Gath who were born in the land killed, because they came down to raid their livestock. And Ephraim their father mourned many days, and his brothers came to comfort him”.

Ezer and Elead went to Gath. They were sons of Ephraim. They went to steal cows and sheep. But the local men caught them and they killed Ezer and Elead.  Ephraim was very sad because of the loss of these two sons.  He mourned for days. He and his wife had another son. They called him Beriah. That name means ‘in evil’. They gave him this name because of the evil things that had happened in the family.  One other thing of note about Ephraim is that Joshua, son of Nun, comes from this tribe.  He becomes a leader after Moses death.

Finally we read in the last ten verses about the tribe of Asher.  This is a bit smaller tribe with only 26,000 men listed but they were “heads of fathers’ houses, approved, mighty warriors, chiefs of the princes”.  The sons and grandsons of Asher were born before the *Israelites went to Egypt. The list only shows the clans that came from Beriah, so not all lines were listed.  And the writer ends the family lists of the tribes with Asher. He does not tell us about the families of Dan and Zebulun.

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