1 Samuel 19

1 Samuel 19 is a bit of a strange chapter.  It begins with Saul trying to convince Jonathan and all his servants to “kill David”.  Saul wanted the guy who was getting more attention than he was as king dead.  But Jonathan loved David and tells him to hide and allow him to talk with his father and see what his intentions were.  Saul promised to leave David alone, so Jonathan tells David who returns to Saul’s service.  Jonathan told his dad “he took his life in his hand and he struck down the Philistine, and the Lord worked a great salvation for all Israel”.

But it was short lived.  As David played the lyre for Saul, which calmed him, an evil spirit came upon Saul and he once again tries to kill David.  He throws his spear at him and misses but David certainly understands the situation – his life is in danger yet again.  He escapes and heads home where his wife Michal tells him to get out of town or he’ll be killed.  She knows her father well.  So she helps him escape through a window and then tells Saul’s messengers that he is sick in bed.

She had created an “image and laid it on the bed and put a pillow of goats’ hair at its head and covered it with the clothes”.  Pretty good trick indeed.  “David fled and escaped, and he came to Samuel at Ramah”.  He goes back to the man who had told him earlier that he would be king.  Saul finds out where David had went and sends a group of messengers to bring him back.  As they approached Samuel, “the Spirit of God came upon the messengers of Saul, and they also prophesied”.

So Saul sends another set of messengers and the same thing happens.  Then he sends a third group and they too prophesy.  So Saul decides to go himself and find David.  “And the Spirit of God came upon him also, and as he went he prophesied….he too stripped off his clothes, and he too prophesied before Samuel and lay naked all that day and all that night”.  A naked king prophesying and lying on the ground.  Seems like a strange way for God to deal with the attempt on David’s life, but God is definitely in control!


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