1 Samuel 9

1 Samuel 9 has us learning of a man named “Kish….a man of wealth….he had a son whose name was Saul….he was taller than any of the people”.  Kish had an issue in that he had lost his donkeys.  So he sent Saul and one of his servants to go track them down and bring them back to their place.  They head off and look everywhere, but to no avail.  As they were just about to give up, the servant suggested one more thing – to find the local seer and see if he can help.  So Saul agrees and they head toward town to try and find him.

Behold, there is a man of God in this city, and he is a man who is held in honor; all that he says comes true. So now let us go there. Perhaps he can tell us the way we should go”.  That seemed like a good plan except they were out of food and didn’t have much to offer the seer for his help.  But the servant pulls out a small piece of silver and they decide to go try to find him.  They head toward the city and are told that the seer (or prophet) was in town and would soon be heading up the hill to bless the sacrifice, so they should hurry.

God knew all this was going to transpire.  “Now the day before Saul came, the Lord had revealed to Samuel….Tomorrow about this time I will send to you a man from the land of Benjamin, and you shall anoint him to be prince over my people Israel. He shall save my people from the hand of the Philistines”.  No surprise here – God had already prepared the way.  When Samuel saw Saul coming he knew what was up.  And he knew this was the one God wanted to lead his people for a time.

So Samuel invites Saul and his servant to come have some lunch with him.  And then to spend the night.  “Saul ate with Samuel that day….a bed was spread for Saul on the roof, and he lay down to sleep. Then at the break of dawn Samuel called to Saul on the roof, Up, that I may send you on your way”.  They begin to head out of town and Samuel asks Saul to send his servant on ahead, as it was time for Samuel to give Saul what he came for – answers to his questions about the donkeys, but more importantly a word from God.  God has big plans for this young man, and now Saul is going to fill him in.


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