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Deuteronomy 23

Deuteronomy 23 talks about the day to day living.  God tells the people of Israel who should not be allowed into their congregation.  He gives them direction on how to deal with those around them, which to avoid and which to embrace.  He talks about keeping things clean and orderly.  And then this verse comes along: “your camp must be holy, so that He may not see anything indecent among you and turn away from you”.  How are you doing with that in regard to your home or office?  Is there anything that shouldn’t be there – that causes you to be tempted or leads you to the potential of sin?  We are to put away from us things that cause us any indecency in our walk with God.

Would God be impressed with the things you have in your home?  Everywhere?  In drawers and closets and secret places?  How about on your computer?  Anything there you shouldn’t have or be looking at?  Are the words that flow in your home pleasing to Him?  How about attitudes and actions?  Are they filled every moment with love and respect, or are there things you need to deal with in how you speak to and treat your family?  Too often we think we get a pass at home.  We can do things “in private” that don’t really matter to God and the rest of the world.  Wrong answer.  What happens at home matters most… is what we do behind closed doors in private that reveals our true character.  What we do when no one else is watching.  But the reality is, Someone is always watching.  There are no hidden moments.  God knows and sees all.  So we need to clean it up and do it today!

The chapter also talks about the importance of a vow.  “If you make a vow to the Lord your God, you shall not delay fulfilling it, for the Lord your God will surely require it of you, and you will be guilty of sin”.  I remember some strong teaching about vows and God’s expectations around them some years ago at a Promise Keepers event.  God does take what we say very seriously.  Far more so than we seem to today.  God expects us to do what we say, and what we are supposed to do.  There is a reason they call the words we speak at a wedding our wedding vows.

Vows are not something we can just ignore.  They are not something we can change on a whim or try and make fit our circumstances.  God takes them as they are intended – to be words that we will live up to and keep forever.  We need to be people of our word.  We need to do what we say.  We need to live what we speak.  And we need to do that today.  Bottom line is that God expects action from us.  When we say we are going to do something – we need to do it.  And not just with Him, but with all those we speak with and give our word to each day.  Words do matter.  They are not simply things we can ignore.  Are you a person of your word?  Do you keep your vows?  God is watching……

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