Leviticus 20

Leviticus 20 is a harsh chapter.  God means business.  He addresses some rather serious stuff, beginning with child sacrifice.  “Any one of the people of Israel or of the strangers who sojourn in Israel who gives any of his children to Molech shall surely be put to death”.  God is not tolerant of any sacrifice made to anything or anyone but Himself, but is especially intolerant of child sacrifice to a foreign god.  The penalty is severe – death.  And it isn’t something that just impacts the perpetrator of the sacrifice.

In fact, God makes it clear that “the people of the land do at all close their eyes to that man….I will set my face against that man and against his clan and will cut them off from among their people”.  There is some accountability here.  If sin happens, the community is held accountable to make sure the proper punishment occurs.  And if they fail, they will become the recipient of the punishment directly from God as a clan.  God isn’t fooling around here.  He is serious about obedience.

In fact, He makes it pretty simple to understand.  “Keep my statutes and do them”.  Nike didn’t invent the terminology ‘Just Do It’ – God did.  Obedience isn’t something we need to ponder.  It is an expectation, no actually a requirement.  Falling short will lead to a severe price.  Much of the sin called out here required that people be killed, or at the least cut off and separated out from the rest of the people.  God takes sin seriously.  He did then.  He does now.  We need to pay attention to this because it is no different today.  Sin carries a severe price.

While the law does not require us to be put to death today for the multitude of sins called out in this passage, it does carry the death penalty in a different way.  Sin that is not dealt with will separate us from God for eternity.  It is our ticket to what Scripture refers to as Hell.  God doesn’t want us to be banished to that place, which is why He sent Jesus to provide a way for us to deal with our sin and overcome death and separation from Him.  But make no mistake – obedience is still His requirement and when we fall short, which scripture is clear we will, we need a Savior to cover our sin with His blood and set us free from the penalty of sin.  Have you addressed sin in your life?  If not, do it today.  There is no guarantee of a tomorrow!

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