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Leviticus 2

Leviticus 2 has God giving Moses instruction on grain offerings.  In the first chapter, He was instructing around animal sacrifices, but now the attention is turned to grain.  God is again very specific about how these are to be given, some of it to be burned as a memorial portion, and some of it to be used by Aaron and his sons.  It could be fine flour, or something baked in the oven.  But either way, God has some very detailed instructions on how the grain offering was to be treated.

If they chose to bake it – there was to be no leaven in it.  It was to be broken into pieces and then smeared with oil.  God didn’t care how it was prepared – baked in the oven, baked on a griddle or cooked in a pan – He simply wanted it brought to the tabernacle in a very precise way with specific preparation.  Not only was leaven not permitted, honey was not either.  God was ok with people bringing those items as offerings, but not using them in the preparation of the bread.

Once again we are told that it should be an “offering of firstfruits”. God deserves the best.  God deserves the first of all our harvest and bounty.  God expects the first.  He also says it should be “new grain” – which again would point to the reality that some had brought in the past some of the previous years grain rather than the new and fresh stuff.  God desires that we give Him first place in our lives – not only in our giving and offering – but in every area.  He is the Lord and should have first dibs on our time and money and every other part of what we do.

We also learn here that they could season with salt, and were to put frankincense on it as part of the offering.  Very detailed instructions on how the sacrifices and offerings were to be made.  Do you think God has quit caring about that in our world today?  I think not.  The issue is that we don’t really seek His direction on how we should give.  We simply put a few bucks in the plate to make us feel better, and move on.  But God does have a plan and is paying attention.  And while our gifts today are not necessary from a forgiveness perspective, they are part of obedience to the Father!  What’s in your wallet?  Have you considered how much you should give to God this week?

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