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Exodus 39

Exodus 39 has the work continuing on the items for the tabernacle.  We see one phrase over and over in this passage: “as the Lord had commanded Moses”.  Everythign that was done by the workers was done just as God commanded.  Moses was the messenger, but this was God’s design and plan and everyone knew it.  And they painstakingly made sure they built it exactly that way.  It was completed down to the finest of details.  It was done to God’s specifications.

What would people say about you in regard to what God has told you to do?  Would it read the same?  ______ did it as the Lord commanded.  Does that describe you and how you live today?  It should.  That is what God not only desires but holds us accountable to.  Scripture is full of commandments that we need to live by.  Loving our spouse, leading our families, serving one another, loving our God and on the list goes.  They aren’t suggestions or good ideas.  We need to live as the Lord has commanded us.  That is the secret to success in our walk with Jesus.

They’ve been working on the tabernacle for some time and now “they brought the tabernacle to Moses”.  Can you imagine the concern about what his response would be.  They’ve worked hard and tried their best to follow the guidelines and blueprints provided, but would it be good enough.  “The people of Israel had done all the work” and now it is inspection time.  There were dozens of items that were created for the interior of the tabernacle all created from very expensive resources – gold, silver, bronze, expensive cloths and on the list goes.  Plenty of things that could have gone wrong.

And Moses saw all the work, and behold, they had done it; as the Lord had commanded, so had they done it. Then Moses blessed them”.  Not a lot of fanfare or high fives, at least according to the text.  But something far more important that indicates Moses was pleased.  He blessed them.  He brought them before the Father and offered up a blessing over them and their families and all the work they had done and consecrated it all to God.  Moses was pleased.  He had never been a huge celebrator, but obedience always brings a smile, from God and man!

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