Exodus 38

Exodus 38 continues the creation of the items for the tabernacle.  Bezalel made the altar and all the utensils for it.  Those he made from bronze.  He also made the court where people approached, and the hangings that went up there to keep it separated.  There were many different items he was to make, and many different raw materials and resources he used.  He was an extremely skilled craftsman.  And the big point was that he “made all that the Lord commanded Moses”.  He did what God instructed.  Not exactly the normal artist who may have influenced the outcome with some personal ideas.

It took a lot of stuff to build the items for the tabernacle.

  • twenty-nine talents and 730 shekels of gold
  • a hundred talents and 1,775 shekels of silver
  • seventy talents and 2,400 shekels of bronze

That is a lot of precious metals.  A talent is somewhere around 75 pounds so this is a whole lot of dollars that Bezalel had as resources to create what God instructed.

Every person over 20 brought an offering to help with the funding of the tabernacle.  And there was plenty for Bezalel to get the work done.  God’s never got a funding issue if His people are obedient.  That’s the problem with tithing.  If we were faithful, there would be so much money available that we’d never be short in serving the needs of people.  But far too few truly tithe.  We play games with our giving and decide who and where and how much we should give.  That didn’t happen here.  They all gave if they were 20 or older.

Sometimes I wonder why God is so forgiving about this area of tithing.  It isn’t really a recommendation.  It is part of His law and we’ll see much more of it on our journey through the Scriptures.  Back in this day – it wasn’t something people thought about.  If your name was listed and you were over 20 you owed half a shekel.  And that applied to 603,550 men, not that anyone was counting.  People get so funny about money.  They think it is theirs for some reason and it should be private.  All our money belongs to God.  When we give back, it is simply returning it to the rightful owner.  We shouldn’t get so crazy about something so simple!


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