Exodus 37

Exodus 37 has the details of Bezalel’s work in creating the ark and furniture for the tabernacle.  He was one of the skilled men that Moses called to do the work.  The details here have been mentioned previously in the book, but this again shows the importance of the furnishings of the tabernacle and how important details are to God’s plans.  God is very clear that little things matter, down to the types of raw materials to be used and the design and dimensions of the item.  It isn’t left up to interpretation.  God defines things clearly.

Bezaleel has a long list of things to create:

  • The ark (or table)
  • The mercy seat with its cherubim
  • The poles to carry the ark
  • The table and its vessels
  • The candlestick with its lamps
  • The altar of incense
  • The oil and incense to be used in worship

Bezaleel had to be a very skilled man as he needed to work with wood, gold, and other resources to create all that God instructed.  And he certainly had to work painstakingly on the details of what was required.

One can question why God was so specific on the furnishings for the inner place in the tabernacle.  But this was where God would come to meet Moses and the priest – it was His most holy place – and so He was very detailed and descriptive in what He wanted and how it would be made.  God will meet us anywhere.  After all, He is everywhere, omnipresent in our world.  But He also loves to have a place that we can meet that is special and dedicated to Him.  A place where we can focus and have holy oil and fragrant incense which were part of a worshipful experience.

How do you meet up with God today?  Do you have a place you can go in the quiet and just be with Him one on One?  He is alive and well and desires us to spend time with Him.  He wants us to meet Him in a place of reverence and worship, but not just for an hour on Sunday morning.  God desires us to recognize His presence continually but focus on Him with some personal worship as well.  Where’s your tabernacle and tent of meeting?  Where do you get away to spend time at the feet of our God?

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