Exodus 36

Exodus 36 has the work of building and furnishing the tent of meeting in full swing.  We learn a principle here – when God originates a plan or project, He equips those He calls to do the job.  “Bezalel and Oholiab and every craftsman in whom the Lord has put skill and intelligence to know how to do any work”.  These guys were good in their own right, but God’s touch equipped them to do anything and everything.  They had the skill and knowledge and ability to complete the task God set before them.

That’s how God works.  When He calls us He equips us.  When He has a task for us He provides what is needed.  In fact, as we saw in the last chapter, God stirs up other people to be part of fulfilling His plan.  And in this case, the people were a bit overzealous.  Moses has to actually command people to stop bringing things – no more gifts or resources – as they were overwhelmed with more than they needed or could use.  “So the people were restrained from bringing”.  Have you ever heard a church tell its members to stop giving?  That’s what Moses has to do here.

God provided the people and the needed money and supplies to make it happen.  There was no continual plea to bring more.  There were no shortages of goods or people equipped to do the work.  And God didn’t spare the details as they are very concise and specific.  This is a very well executed plan to build the tent of meeting exactly as God instructed.  No guessing – God has it spelled out down to the colors and materials to be used.  He is all about the details and how things should be put together.

He is equally as focused on the details of our lives.  He has a plan – down to the very details – and it is a plan for our welfare and goodness – and there are no gaps or holes.  The only variable is us – and whether we will listen and obey.  He has a plan.  We have the opportunity to walk with Him through it.  But when we make choices to do things our way, when we ignore what God has in store, when we choose to disobey and take the steering wheel on our own – well we mess up the plan and ultimately can miss the blessing God intends.  Are you walking with God in living out His plan for you?

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