Genesis 1

Genesis 1 is all about creation.  Scripture is pretty clear – creation was God’s deal.  “In the beginning, God created”.  He didn’t enable.  He didn’t help.  He didn’t allow.  He didn’t only plan.  God created.  And this chapter has the things that happened during those six days of creation from nothingness, to the creation of man himself.  God did it all.  He alone, without any need for a big bang or any other scientific theory.  Scripture is very clear – “God said” – and things happened.  God spoke creation into existence.

It is interesting that God did not lift a finger to make creation a reality.  God simple said the words and it was.  It is amazing to realize the power our God has.  We wonder at times if He has the power to answer prayer.  All we need to do is review Genesis 1 and realize that God has the power to do anything He desires.  There is not a limitation on His power.  The only question is whether we will ask Him.  God said, and there was the earth and sun and waters and land and animals and vegetation and all living things.

Each day, after God created, he said it “was good”.  That is, until day six when He created man and He throws in the adjective “it was very good”.  God had finished His creation, and the grand finale was creating man in His own image.  God doesn’t make any junk.  Every part of His creation was perfect and happened according to His plan.  He was the designer, He was the orchestrator, He was the creator.  And we need to be grateful for how He created His world, and us as a person made in God’s image.

God gives man one command.  “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth”.  Man was commanded to fill the earth – and we’ve certainly managed to do that one and in some areas – maybe over excel.  But the second part of that command was to handle the earth that God created for us to steward, and we haven’t always done so well with that one.  But it is the charge God gave us and we need to take care of His creation!

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