John 1:19-34

John 1:19-34 has John the Baptizer being questioned about who he was by a group of Pharisee’s.  They came to him and asked questions of him, and “he was completely honest” in his response.  He had nothing to hide.  He “told the plain truth” but they weren’t really satisfied.  They started by asking if he was the Messiah, which he answered ‘no’.  Then they pressed him about being Elijah, or a prophet and he again said no.  Who was this man who was stirring things up so much.  “Tell us something – anything – about yourself” was their request.

John finally gives them this answer: “I’m thunder in the desert”.  He was there to speak truth and that truth was that people had to get right and clean out the sin in their lives.  The Pharisees asked “why do you baptize” to which John really defines his role.  He is the guy who was given the role of setting up things for Jesus.  “I only baptize using water. A person you don’t recognize has taken his stand in your midst. He comes after me, but he is not in second place to me. I’m not even worthy to hold his coat for him”.  John tries to make it clear that he is not the man act.  He is the pre-act.  He is there to point the way to Jesus.

What was the difference?  John baptized “giving you a good bath and scrubbing sins from your life so you can get a fresh start with God”.  Jesus, on the other hand, “He forgives the sins of the world”.  John was the precursor to the real thing.  John was able to prepare people to meet the Savior, but he definitely knew he was not it.  And he was clear and careful to make sure the religious leaders of the day understood that. John’s entire purpose was about Jesus, not himself.  And he is careful to point to the Savior.

They continue to press him and he then gave his witness: “I watched the Spirit, like a dove flying down out of the sky, making himself at home in him”.  John had been there when God sent His dove to place the Spirit upon Jesus.  He had firsthand experience and had viewed the entire thing.  He is a witness of God’s hand on His Son.  And John says it this way: “This is the Son of God.” Come, See for Yourself”.  We need to do the same.  Have you been to meet the Savior?  Do you know Him as the Son of God?

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